Rev. Wright Speaks

Posted: Apr 26, 2008 12:17 PM
Below, Hugh Hewitt has posted audio of Rev. Wright's sermons, and Amanda has live-blogged his PBS interview with Bill Moyers here.

Reading and listening to the Wright material makes it hard not to feel sorry for the minister, who obviously is trapped under a load of bitterness and resentment for America and so many of its people.  His insistence that hatred is being directed toward African-Americans seems uncomfortably like projection.

What's particularly  noteworthy is his statement about Barack: "I do what I do, he does what politicians do."  It's remarkable that a pastor and Obama's self-proclaimed "mentor" would essentially identify the statements of one of his flock as nothing more than insincere political pandering (and it's likewise remarkable that, in his haste to justify himself, he'd willingly damage Obama's candidacy by coming forward now).   So much for the "new" politics Barack was supposed to be heralding.

But most troubling of all, Wright's statement about Barack "do[ing] what politicians do" raises again some uncomfortable questions about the candidate.  One has to wonder: In his comfortable certainty that Barack is distancing himself for political reasons alone, what does Rev. Wright know about him that we don't know?

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