Here's What to Expect in Trump's Upcoming CPAC Speech

Posted: Feb 24, 2021 5:15 PM
Here's What to Expect in Trump's Upcoming CPAC Speech

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Former President Donald Trump will speak at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) on Sunday, the last day of the annual gathering. The conservative convention kicks off in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday. 

In his first public appearance since leaving office, Trump is expected to blast the Biden administration on hot-button topics like immigration and China. Fox News reports Trump will also speak about the future of the Republican party and the conservative movement. Citing sources familiar with the upcoming speech, the report also claims Trump will likely hint at a possible 2024 presidential campaign but stop just short of announcing an official run. 

Trump has been a regular speaker at CPAC in recent years. He spoke before the conference every year during his presidency. In 2019, Trump delivered a two-hour speech at CPAC in what became his longest speech of his term.

In 2011, Trump told the crowd of conservative activists what he would do if he ever ran for president and won election. 

"If I run and if I win, this country will be respected again," Trump said in 2011. 

That year, the celebrity star of "The Apprentice" delivered a pro-business and anti-foreign aid message.

But not every Republican is happy to see the former president returning to CPAC. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who led a small number of House GOP members in supporting the second impeachment, voiced displeasure with Trump's continuing role and influence over the base.  

"I've been clear in my views about President Trump and the extent to which following January 6th, I don’t believe that he should be playing a role in the future of the party or the country," Cheney said at a press conference on Wednesday.

New polling shows the former president retains a huge influence over the GOP, at least when it comes to voters. Nearly half of Republicans say they would leave the GOP if Trump were to create a third party. Just 27 percent said they would stick with the GOP, and the rest were undecided. 

Republican voters aren't looking the other way either when it comes to establishment Republicans like Cheney who jumped on the latest impeachment bandwagon. Eight in 10 Republicans said they are less likely now to vote for a Republican politician who backed impeachment. Many of the defecting Republicans are already facing censures and new primary challenges back at home. 

CPAC 2021 will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. CPAC was moved this year in order to avoid lockdown restrictions in Maryland, where the annual event is traditionally held. Other prominent conservatives from across the nation are also scheduled to appear.