WATCH: Mob of New Yorkers Shame a Woman for Not Wearing a Mask

Posted: May 25, 2020 4:55 PM
WATCH: Mob of New Yorkers Shame a Woman for Not Wearing a Mask

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

A group of shoppers in Staten Island became angry when a woman decided to do her grocery shopping without a mask on. Instead of leaving her be, allowing to go about her day and practicing the group shouted at her, telling her to leave the store. 

"F**k you! F**k you! F**k you!" one man yelled. 

"Get out of here! Get out of here!" a woman yelled, pointing towards the door.

The man could be heard screaming at the woman. At one point he even said she was "acting like a dirty pig" for not having a mask on. 

Some felt the need to point out that Staten Island is a more conservative area and a stronghold for President Donald Trump.

Some decided to cheer the mob on.

Conservatives pointed out the issue with the mob mentality:

Truth be told, this is scary. We're maneuvering our way through a pandemic. We're in unchartered territory. People should respect others' decisions to wear a face mask or not. For all we know the woman in the video had a health condition that prevented her from wearing the mask. Assuming that those who don't wear a mask are being defiant is just as bad as assuming that those who do wear a mask are being overly cautious. 

All of us need to do what we think is best for ourselves and others, whatever that may be. Pouncing on someone like this only creates more hostility and stress, which no one needs.