WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Dives Into the Mind of a Democratic Strategist – And He's Spot On

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 4:45 PM
WATCH: Sebastian Gorka Dives Into the Mind of a Democratic Strategist – And He's Spot On

Former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka dissected the Democrats' thoughts leading into the 2020 election. In a Daily Caller video, Gorka explains that Democrats have nothing to run other than their pure hatred for President Donald Trump. At least when it comes to statistics and proof that Trump's economic policies are better than Obama's, Republicans have it in the bag.

"What are they going to run on?" Gorka asked rhetorically. "Please, bring back ISIS, raise our taxes, increase unemployment, bring us back to two percent GDP growth instead of – Oh, wait! We didn't even get to two percent under Obama...All they have to run on is hatred, hatred of the president, hatred of the founding principles of our republic, and take heart dear viewer, the Left will eat itself internally...Their fuel is hatred. Our fuel is love, love of our history and our founding principles."

Gorka is absolutely correct. 

Democrats do nothing but attack. They attack Trump for his appearance. They attack Trump for his facial expressions. They attack Trump because they don't like his demeanor. 

They attack every single aspect of his personal life, his policies and his administration, all in the name of "The Resistance." 

But what exactly are they resisting?

They're resisting the idea that we're all individuals with the power and capability to think and make decisions for ourselves.

They're resisting the idea that (the majority of) Americans want to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work hard for what they have.

They're resisting the idea of rugged individualism, that people cannot survive without government having a hand in every aspect of our lives.

They're resisting the idea of hand ups, not handouts. 

That's the difference between conservatives and liberals. Conservatives give you the room to think and have an opinion, even if it's different from theirs. Liberals, on the other hand, want to silence anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. There's no room for debate or to agree to disagree. They're cut and try. Case closed. If you don't think the way they do, they're done with you. You're either uneducated or have some sort of "privilege" that blinds your judgement.

Get ready, America. 2020 is well under way and it's no longer a battle of ideals. It's a battle of our nation's future.

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