Good Grief: Snowflakes Melt Over a 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' Episode They Believe Is 'Racist'

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 8:30 AM

Just when you thought Snowflakes in America couldn't possibly be offended by anything else, they surprise you. Apparently the "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" episode that was recently replayed on ABC is somehow racist. And Social Justice Warriors took the time to tweet about it.

At least one person was able to break it down to simple, basic Charlie Brown terms.

Seriously, people. Not everything has an ulterior motive. There's a rhyme or reason for what they do. They had the characters sit where they did because of their relationship to one another, as Brooke explained. 

Possibly the Worst Person Ever
Derek Hunter

Why have we become a society that is so triggered by anything and everything? Even a little kid's TV show has turned into something that upsets people. 

Wake up! It's a cartoon. It's not real. It's fiction. You're reading too much between the lines if you're genuinely upset by this. There are far more important things to worry about, like real life.