Obama's Vetting and Hillary as Secretary of State

Posted: Nov 14, 2008 8:00 AM
Just wrapped up a hit on Fox & Friends this morning about the auto bailout and Hillary Clinton as potential Secretary of State.  As I was walking out of the studio, I was hit with one of those moments when you think of something you should have said on-air.

Here goes. Barack Obama is making all his potential staffers submit an exhaustive questionaire about their personal lives, finances, etc, right? So how is it he could POSSIBLY pick Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill has refused to disclose ANY financial information about his multi-million international foundation?

During the show I mentioned the conflict of interest the former President could pose and the bungling he is sure to do as Hillary's unofficial rogue ambassador, but I should have driven that point home.

If Obama wants to be all about transparency and disclosure, he can't pick Hill.

I'll post that clip here later. For now, I'm off to MSNBC for a 10am hour hit with David Schuster and then I am tentatively booked for Hannity & Colmes this evening!

Update: Here are the clips