Forget Obama's Drapes, Oprah's Dress is Ready!

Posted: Nov 04, 2008 4:06 PM
Daytime talk queen Oprah Winfrey is already calling the election for Obama. Her inaugural ball gown is all picked out, pressed and ready to wear.

"So help me God, I am looking at it right now!," she said in a phone interview with the Ed Lover Show this morning. “Last week I said to the stylist, ‘Take it out of the closet. Let’s take it out. Let’s hang it up, and let it air out.’”

Oprah began designing her inauguration dress after she saw Obama speak at a rally last winter. "I created a vision board," she said. "Actually I started in February. I was speaking with Michelle [Obama] and Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver — we were all doing a big rally out in California. At the end of the rally Michelle Obama said something powerful, ‘and I want you to leave here and envision Barack Obama taking the oath of office’…. I created a vision board. I had never had a vision board before. I came home, I got me a board and put Barack Obama’s picture on it and I put a picture of my dress I want to wear to the inauguration.”

In the interview, Oprah also expressed excitement at being able to openly support Obama on her program after the election concluded. "It's been hard for me to keep my mouth shut on the show, but I will be unleashed tomorrow!" Oprah bragged.

The hosts asked her why she never had GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her show. Oprah said she decided not to because she had already endorsed Obama and didn't think it would be fair. Oprah said she made the right decision, but got a sickening backlash from her viewers.

"I got some hate calls," Oprah said. "It was really bad, go back to Africa kind of bad! We are gonna lynch you kinda bad.".