The Pathetic Primary

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 11:13 AM
Here's my weekly Glamour post:

Forget the Pennsylvania primary. Whose campaign is more pathetic, Barack's or Hillary's?

Ok, the word "pathetic" might be a little harsh, but I honestly can't tell who is screwing the Democratic nomination more up at this point. Hillary was supposed to be all "inevitable" and Obama seems incapable of knocking her out.

To keep campaigning with any shred of dignity the newsocracy has decided Hillary needs to win today's Pennsylvania primary by double digits. How or why they arrived at this number is beyond me. It's not as if 10 points will magically make her less polarizing, Bill any less embarrassing or her Bosnia/dead pregnant lady stories any more truthful.

It doesn't matter if Hillary wins by 2 points, 12 points or 20 points. She needs to change a whole bunch of superdelegate minds to keep her presidential dream alive. But nobody knows how many points that'll take.

The real reason she's still in this thing isn't about points. She's just running out the clock till the Democratic convention, hoping Obama will have more friends like Reverend Jeremiah Wright come out the woodwork. Or that someone will finally be able to ask Obama if he believes in black liberation theology. That is, if he would quit eating waffles and answer a question sometime.

But hey, I'm thrilled this fight is still going. Obama's spending about a gazillion dollars trying to deal Hillary a death blow and that's the best presidential economic stimulus package I've seen from either of their campaigns yet. And that's really pathetic.