ISIS Insider: Former Member Speaks Out

Posted: Sep 05, 2014 6:17 PM

While President Obama has “no strategy” for addressing ISIS, the terrorist organization has been meticulously plotting its actions every step of the way. A former ISIS fighter told CNN that the main goal of the Islamic State is to infiltrate the Arab world, and then proceed into other countries.

News reports have shown that already Americans have been aiding the terrorist organization. Moner Mohammad Abusalha (Florida), Abdirahmaan Muhumed (Minnesota), and a 19-year-old woman are among the U.S. citizens who have been confirmed traitors.

The ISIS defector told CNN, this gradual infiltration is precisely the group’s plan:

Since western fighters joined ISIS they consider their home country as infidels. If they have a chance, they will carry out attacks because they think of it as an infidel country, and it should be fought.

It is possible that the goal was to project the image that a European or a Western person executed an American, so that they can showcase their western members and appeal to members outside Syria and make them feel like they belong to the same cause.

The former insurgent reportedly left ISIS only two weeks ago, claiming that the group was "spreading injustice in the name of justice."

Hear more about the ruthlessness of the group in the full interview below. Warning: it contains some graphic content.