Come And Take It: Woman Graduates College With A Rifle Slung Around Her Shoulder

Posted: May 17, 2018 12:40 PM

With scores of college graduations occurring this month, one woman decided to make her views known on the issue of gun control. She casually carried her AR-10 rifle on campus. Kaitlin Bennett graduated from Kent State University in Ohio. Students and faculty are barred from carrying deadly weapons, though guests are permitted to open carry if they wish. They just can’t enter any of the school’s buildings. She was taking a stand for her rights, for the Second Amendment, and to protest the university’s stance on carry rights. And yes, she took a lot of heat for the photo. Death threats and graphic language were hurled her way, but Bennett calmly noted that these clowns were only reinforcing her view about Second Amendment rights. Yes, it’s meant to protect us from a foreign invading force and more applicably from a usurpatory government, but its immediate use is most definitely centered on home and personal defense (via Kansas City Star):

Kaitlin Bennett didn't like the rules that kept her from carrying a gun on campus.

So the day after she received her bachelor's degree in biology from Kent State University on Saturday - no longer bound by those rules - she put on a summery white dress, flung an AR-10 rifle over her back and posed for photos around campus.

She accessorized with her mortar board, decorated with a picture of a rifle and the words, "Come and Take It."

She shared the photo with the world on Twitter, where it has fired up heated debate about guns on campus and been retweeted nearly 2,000 times.

"It's a bad ass photo," she told NBC4 in Columbus.


Kent State prohibits the possession, storage or use of a "deadly weapon" - which includes firearms - by students, faculty and staff, according to its policy on the Kent State website. But visitors may openly carry a gun on campus since it's considered public state property.

Now, she has made some controversial remarks, specifically how the infamous 1970 Kent State shootings wouldn’t have occurred if the students had been armed when confronted by National Guard units; the students at the time were protesting the Vietnam War, as we had invaded Cambodia. Many saw this as an expansion of the conflict. 

Whatever the case, Bennett’s views are well known on this matter. 

“Come and take it” seems to be her motto at graduation--and she has no regrets of apologies for her gun rights advocacy. It’s just a friendly reminder that not everyone who graduates this year is a hard-core lefty.