Professor Almost Resigns Since He Didn't Cancel Exam During Mizzou Revolution

Posted: Nov 11, 2015 7:45 PM
Professor Almost Resigns Since He Didn't Cancel Exam During Mizzou Revolution

A Mizzou professor almost resigned his position at the school after he said a scheduled exam would take place, despite his class raising security concerns due to the growing tension on campus. They felt “unsafe.”

Campus Reform reported that Dr. Dale Brigham received the ire of the news media for “shaming” minority students for being worried about death threats, one man was arrested for posting such threats earlier this morning. Yet, MU police have increased security, they're confident that the campus remains safe, and the administration has not placed the school on lockdown or sent anybody home. This situation is being overblown (shocker), though it wouldn't be a social justice warrior sideshow without things being egregiously exaggerated. The fact that a professor almost checked out for doing his job is ridiculous, especially since he wasn’t the personification of evil. He was well liked by students, and the exam was cancelled: 

One University of Missouri student told Campus Reform that Dr. Brigham, who he called “one of the most beloved professors at Mizzou,” was forced to resign.

“His class was one of the most popular at Mizzou and he was the friendliest teacher I've ever had. It's a shame that he's leaving while Melissa Click stays,” the student continued. The student also told Campus Reform that campus was open and classes were being held, but “false KKK threats” caused a “panic” among students.

Many Missouri students have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure at Dr. Brigham’s departure, calling him “ the nicest guy,” and their favorite professor.

In the end, the school did not accept Brigham's resignation.

The University of Missouri has become a subject of debate, given that both the university’s president and chancellor resigned after the student body felt they failed to address alleged instances of racism on campus. Yet, that story seems to be evaporating in the ether. The story is now about the protestors’ horrific violation and disrespect for First Amendment rights; a textbook example of petulance from a group of kids absorbed by political correctness. Allahpundit rehashed a rather depressing YouGov  poll showing there is substantial support for making hate speech a crime, especially from Democrats. Katie wrote earlier this afternoon that students are reportedly stocking up of tasers and pepper spray to protect their beloved safe space.

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John Stossel

This whole movement is one sloppy, progressive mess–and people are beginning to see it as such.

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UPDATE: His resignation was not accepted.

UPDATE II: Well, isn't this lovely (WARNING: graphic language):

UPDATE III: Like I said, security situation is being overblown.