Far Left Leeches Onto Black Lives Matter Protest

Posted: Jan 11, 2015 8:30 AM

Right before Christmas, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph spoke with participants in the Black Lives Matter protest, and he found some rather interesting views from the protesters. For starters, he found one woman who thought former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson was trying to become a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

He asked another why there haven’t been protests to address black-on-black violence in America. The protester told him that this has already happened. Oh, and let’s not forget that the origins of domestic terrorism are not grounded in Islam, but white supremacy.

Some protest signs invoked the crisis in Gaza, which has nothing to do with what happened to Michael Brown, or Eric Garner in New York City.

Yet, socialists and Marxists decided to leech onto the protest. One of them was selling their newspaper at the rally. He told Joseph that the whole system is set up to “kill” and “incarcerate” black youth. The self-described Marxist was there to protest capitalism and racism. I guess the far left is just starved of oxygen.

One of the last people Dan spoke to in his video was a man selling protest buttons for $3.