Peters Campaign Attempts to Portray Female Opponent as... Anti-Woman

Posted: Oct 14, 2014 2:31 PM
Peters Campaign Attempts to Portray Female Opponent as... Anti-Woman

Democratic Senate candidate Gary Peters (D-Mich.) is out with a new ad hitting Republican opponent Terri Lynn Land on women’s health issues and birth control. Land campaign spokeswoman Heather Swift denounced the ad as a “desperate” attempt to “cover up sexist, anti-mom attacks from his campaign and allies” last week.

Breitbart has the transcript:

“This is an important election for women,” a woman in the Peters campaign ad says.

“And I couldn’t believe what I learned about Terri Lynn Land,” another woman says.

“Terri Lynn Land supports a plan that would cut women’s access to preventive services like mammograms, cancer screenings and prenatal,” a narrator then says.

“I didn’t think it could be true,” a third woman then says on screen.

“But then I checked her record,” the first woman says.

“Land also supports letting employers make personal healthcare decisions for their female employees by denying them coverage for birth control,” the narrator jumps back in.

“As a woman,” the first woman reappears, before the screen cuts to a fourth woman: “Terri Lynn Land should know better.”

“I hear all this and I just can’t trust Terri Lynn Land to make decisions for me,” the second who reappears again says.

“Really,” the first woman ends the ad.

The source for much of the criticism directed at Land in the new ad is an article written about the Senate hopeful back in February, where Land states that repealing Obamacare would be a top priority for her.

“It’s driving up costs of health care, it’s limiting access and it’s hurting our economy,” she told WND. “In Michigan, over 225,000 folks have lost their insurance, and their costs are going up and deductibles are going up, and they’ve lost their doctors. So, those are things I think I will be able to do when I get down to Washington, D.C.”

Terri Lynn Land is not waging a war on women as the ad suggests. If anything, Obamacare is.

“The only candidate who has hurt women’s access to health care is Gary Peters,” Swift said in a statement. “His support of ObamaCare has caused over 200,000 families to lose their plans. To make matters worse, his campaign is now attacking Terri for talking about how being a mom is important to her decision making. While Terri has a plan to put Michigan women first, it’s clear that Gary Peters will only put himself first, at the expense of Michigan women and families.”