Missouri Lawmakers Pass 72-Hour Waiting Period Before Abortions

Posted: May 16, 2014 10:11 AM

Some promising news on the anti-abortion front came out of the Missouri Legislature this week. The Republican-controlled House voted in favor of legislation that would require women to wait 72 hours after her initial doctor’s appointment before she could get an abortion.

“Currently, Missouri requires a 24-hour waiting period between the time a woman seeks her first consultation and exam from a physician and the time she returns to undergo an abortion procedure,” state Rep. Kevin Elmer said in a statement.

The reason for the extended waiting period is so the woman has more time to fully consider the decision she is about to make.

“This bill is a way to give a potential mother some additional time to think about this life-altering decision, and to talk to family and friends who can help provide support during what is undoubtedly a difficult and emotional time,” Elmer said. “This bill is really an effort to balance the rights of the mother with the rights of the unborn child. We are not denying the mother her rights, but simply asking her to give more thought before making a decision that she may later regret.”

The Missouri Senate approved the measure on Tuesday. Now, of course, we wait and see if Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon will sign it. I’m not holding my breath.