It's Happening: Trump Gets More Nominations for Nobel Peace Prize

Posted: Jun 13, 2018 12:05 PM
It's Happening: Trump Gets More Nominations for Nobel Peace Prize

Since President Trump announced he would meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un earlier this year, with a goal a denuclearization and an official end to the Korean War, talk of awarding him the Nobel Peace prize has become increasingly louder. 

On Wednesday, two nominations were submitted on his behalf from a pair of Norwegian politicians. From The Independent:

Norwegian politicians have nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss nuclear disarmament.

The nomination came from two members of Norway’s Progress Party, which is the third largest political party in the country and is generally considered very right wing with libertarian leanings.

“What’s going on now is historic,” Progress Party member Per-Willy Amundsen told NRK. “A process is underway to ensure world peace in the future. It’s a fragile process, but we must of course do what we can to help this process bring good results.

The nomination missed this years’ deadline for the prize, so Mr Trump’s nomination would only make him eligible for the award next year.

A record 330 people were nominated for the 2018 award.

The prize — one of the most prestigious honours in the world — is open to leaders, academics, and researchers anywhere in the world.

Last month, a number of House Republicans also submitted paper work to nominate Trump for the prize. 

During an interview with Fox and Friends earlier this week, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway argued Trump has plans to earn the distinction, while President Barack Obama's award was unearned.