A Quick Reminder of Obama's Unanimously Rejected Budgets

Posted: Feb 02, 2015 12:30 PM
A Quick Reminder of Obama's Unanimously Rejected Budgets

Today President Obama will deliver his whopping $4 trillion budget to Congress

President Barack Obama sent Congress a record $4 trillion budget Monday that would boost taxes on higher-income Americans and corporations, pushing past tight federal spending caps to fund an ambitious public works program and provide middle-class tax relief.

Obama's budget, which will set off months of wrangling in Congress, proposes spending $4 trillion — $3.999 trillion before rounding — in the 2016 budget year that begins Oct. 1. That's a 6.4 percent increase over estimated spending this year, projecting that the deficit will decline to $474 billion.

POLITICO is calling it "Barack Obama's Have-It-All Budget," and the reality is, it's dead on arrival when it reaches Capitol Hill. Regardless, President Obama is putting on a show and will pander to his far left base by stirring up controversy over funding measures as debate on budget issues continues over the next few weeks. 

Looking back on Obama's tenure as President, it's important to note just how far-left the vast majority of his budget proposals have been over the years, which is exactly why only one of them has passed and the rest have been roundly defeated, often unanimously, by Democrats and Republicans. In 2012, Obama's budget was defeated by the Democrat controlled Senate 97-0. In 2013, his budget was defeated 99-0.

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When the president fear mongers over Republicans blocking his $4 trillion spending plan and when he accuses the GOP of being unwilling to compromise, keep in mind he was never willing to come half way on any of the issues in the first place, this time or in the past.