Murder Suspect in Slaying of Two California Sheriff's Deputies Is a Twice Deported Illegal Alien

Posted: Oct 27, 2014 3:45 PM

Last week two Sheriff's deputies, Deputy Danny Oliver and Homicide Detective Michael David Davis Jr., were murdered in northern California after checking out a suspicious vehicle in a motel parking lot. Deputy Jeff Davis
was also shot, but is in good condition. The man accused of their murders, Marcelo Marquez, is an illegal alien with a criminal background. He has been deported from the United States twice, but thanks to the Obama administration's new selective deportation guidelines and refusals by local agencies to comply with federal immigration laws, he's been able to stick around since the last time he got into legal trouble. 

A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said that the fingerprints of the suspected shooter match those of a man named Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte. Monroy-Bracamonte was initially deported to Mexico in 1997 after being convicted of drug possession in Arizona. Four years later, he was arrested and deported again for an unspecified offense.

"The fingerprints were the basis for our request for an immigration detainer," ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice told The Associated Press. The detainer requests that local authorities transfer him to federal custody after his case is adjudicated so ICE can purse his deportation, Kice said.

The suspect initially identified himself as Marcelo Marquez, 34, of Salt Lake City. He is charged with two counts each of murder, attempted murder and carjacking. The suspect's wife, Janelle Marquez-Monroy, was also arrested Friday and charged with carjacking and attempted murder.

Deputy Oliver is survived by his wife and two daughters. Deputy Davis leaves behind a wife and four children. What a preventable tragedy.