MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott 'Supposedly' Has a Disability

Posted: Oct 15, 2014 8:25 AM

Wendy Davis is under heavy fire this week from both sides of the political aisle after her campaign released an attack against her disabled opponent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott featuring a wheelchair. Despite criticism and a lack of defense from her usual liberal supporters, Davis doubled down on the ad this week and now, MSNBC is coming to the rescue. 

Last night Davis made an appearance with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss the controversy and to again defend the deplorable ad. During the interview, Mitchell questioned whether Abbott is really disabled. 

"Could you have gone after what you see as his hypocrisy by pointing out what he did in that rape case, what he did in these other cases, without the stark image of the empty wheelchair which seemed to be trying to point people towards his own supposed disability?" a supposed news anchor Mitchell asked.

In 1984 a large, heavy tree fell on Abbott during a run. His spine was severely injured and he has been paralyzed from the waist down every since...supposedly


As a reminder, MSNBC has been one of Davis' biggest cheerleaders. During her rise to fame by supporting infanticide, MSNBC issued photos of Davis complete with pro-abortion quotes and their official logo.

H/T Jim Treacher