Non-Border State Governors Demanding Answers From Obama on Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Posted: Jul 24, 2014 7:00 AM

The illegal immigration crisis on the border is showing no signs of stopping and the problem has spread well beyond states sitting side-by-side with Mexico. The Obama administration has been shipping unaccompanied minors to family members living illegally in the United States for months. Illegal aliens under the age of 18 have been shipped to states as far away as New York and Massachusetts, prompting non-border state governors to demand answers from the White House about what the President is planning to do to stop the crisis.

In an interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren last night, Utah Governor Gary Herbert detailed a letter sent to President Obama by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, and himself expressing illegal immigration concerns.

"This is about America. We are not a border state but a lot of undocumented immigrants come up to Utah," Herbert said. "Why we're incenting families and parents to send their young people to our borders on the hope they'll get inside America really is puzzling in many ways and certainly not a very good, healthy immigration policy for America."

Herbert also criticized President Obama for his lack of leadership on the crisis.

"Nothing is really happening in Washington D.C., there's a dearth of leadership. The President won't even go down to the border to look and see first hand what is taking place. He needs to come up with a plan of first securing the border. I think that's something everybody agrees with. Why can we at not least take that first step," Herbert said. "We are being ignored and quite frankly the governors are tired of it. We've tried to do some things in our own states but we've been told very directly by the courts, 'this is a federal issue.' Okay, we'll back off, but we expect the federal government to do something. The President's got to lead."

President Obama has requested nearly $4 billion to throw at the problem, none of that money bolsters border security.