Self Parody: Reid's Statement on Benghazi Developments...Attacks Koch Brothers

Posted: May 02, 2014 4:22 PM

Trolls are gonna troll:

Add another installment to the super-cut, which ought to come with a laugh track. And a cup of warm milk for gramps. May I also remind the Senator from Nevada that his own chamber's intelligence committee investigated the Benghazi attacks. The resulting bipartisan report -- principally authored by Democrat Dianne Feinstein of California -- determined that the attacks were preventable, that warning signs and red flags were ignores, and that the Obama administration "unnecessarily hampered the committee's review." And that was before a lawsuit and judge's order compelled the White House to turn over an extremely relevant email that casts yet more doubt on the official story. The administration's subsequent damage control and excuse-making has ranged from sneeringly deceitful to sneeringly dismissive. The belated release of Ben Rhodes' September 14 email urging Susan Rice to highlight an internet video to detract from policy failures makes it abundantly clear that the Obama administration will not disclose inconvenient truths pertaining to Benghazi unless their hand is forced. That is why the select committee's formation is appropriate, and why Rep. Trey Gowdy is an excellent choice to lead it. I debated the issue on Fox News earlier this afternoon:

I'll leave you with this mash-up of various administration officials invoking the infamous online video over the course of several weeks (via Grabien):

Not all of those references were specifically about Benghazi, but that false linkage was made repeatedly -- despite the fact that it contradicted the CIA's assessment (confirmed here), the experiences of our people on the ground in Libya and at AFRICOM, and Foggy Bottom's almost-immediate conclusions. How did that inaccurate connection creep into the White House's talking points (and remain there) days after the fact?