CNN/ORC Poll: Rubio Emerges as Frontrunner; Ugly Internals for Hillary

Posted: Jun 02, 2015 11:00 AM

First of all, let me preface this blog post by stating right up front that no Republican candidate edges Hillary Clinton head-to-head in the latest CNN/ORC survey.

Marco Rubio, who is statistically the frontrunner among Republicans (polling at an impressive 14 percent), trails her by three percentage points (49/46). Even Rand Paul, who is the most competitive GOP candidate against her, trails her by the slimmest of margins (48/47). And yet, despite the fact that 60 percent of Democrats are already in the tank for her (Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders garnered only 14 percent and 10 percent of the vote, respectively), Hillary Clinton’s internal polling numbers are somewhat alarming. Indeed, she is underwater on a number of key character questions.

Let’s take a look:

(1) Only 46 percent of respondents say they view her favorably; 50 percent of respondents do not.

(2) Fifty percent of respondents say she "does not...inspire confidence”; 49 percent say she does.

(3) Fifty-three percent of respondents say she does not “[care] about people like me”; 47 percent of respondents say she does.

(4) Fifty-seven percent of respondents say she is not “honest and trustworthy”; 42 percent believe she is.

In other words, Hillary Clinton is facing lingering questions about her trustworthiness, character, track record, and relatability to average Americans.

Comments like these, meanwhile, are not helping her cause.

I’ll leave you with this:

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What a difference, huh? Is this why Marco Rubio is now ostensibly leading the pack?