Ha: Student Asks if Comey's Ethics Class Comes With a Refund

Posted: Jun 20, 2018 12:30 PM
Ha: Student Asks if Comey's Ethics Class Comes With a Refund

Former FBI Director James Comey is co-teaching a class on ethical leadership this fall at the College of William & Mary. The school was eager to advertise the course and the instructor when they made the announcement in January.

“Jim Comey is among William & Mary’s most distinguished alumni,” W&M President Taylor Reveley said. “Over the years, he has been deeply committed to his alma mater. He understands to the core of his being that our leaders must have an abiding commitment to ethical behavior and sacrificial service if we are to have good government. Our students will benefit significantly from his experience and wisdom.”

Susan Oliver, a student at the College of William and Mary, had a humorous yet completely justified question for her school this week. As she considers whether or not to sign up for Comey's course, she shared her concerns in the Letters to the Editor section of the Richmond Times Dispatch.

How much money will the College of William and Mary charge me to take an ethics class taught by James Comey?

Will I get a refund if he’s indicted?

Susan Oliver.

The DOJ's Inspector General report last week confirmed that Comey had overstepped his authority during the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use during her tenure as secretary of state. The report detailed how he circumvented the chain of command. Yet, in a revelation soaked in irony, he also used a personal Gmail account to conduct official FBI business. Congress is demanding answers about that last revelation.

Better Than a Loan
John Stossel

With all these scandals following him into the classroom, is Comey really qualified to teach ethics?