Oh Jimmy: Comedian Praises Abortion Film as 'Lighthearted' and 'Funny'

Posted: Aug 05, 2014 12:00 PM

I’m used to the media’s painfully obvious liberal agenda, but this one hurt. After hilariously slamming President Obama for forcing Obamacare on the American people and prematurely praising enrollment numbers, Jimmy Fallon was quickly becoming my new favorite talk show host. But, after praising actress Jenny Slate and her new pro-abortion film “Obvious Child,” I realized Fallon is no different than any other liberal comedian.

You may recall that “Obvious Child” is a film about a woman who has a one night stand, gets an abortion, and lives happily ever after. The actors were unforgiving about the plot. Slate appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" Friday to promote the film. He had nothing but happy reviews for the film:

“It’s getting great reviews. Because it’s a serious issue, but you make it lighthearted, you make it funny. Good for you!”

Now, of course, I know that a talk show host is not going to invite an actress to his studio and then bash her film. But, it’s hard to accept the adjectives he uses to describe the film. Lighthearted and funny? Can anyone tell me exactly what part of ending an unborn child’s life is cute? Nevertheless, Slate agreed with Fallon:

“It’s a romantic comedy. But it has a modern story. It’s about a comedian in Brooklyn who gets dumped and fired and then gets drunk and then gets pregnant and - (just normal stuff) - and has a regret-free abortion. It’s just a modern woman who makes modern decisions - and it’s very funny and sweet.”

Sorry Jenny, but there is no such thing as a “regrets-free abortion.” Post-abortive women often have to live with the guilt of denying their child life and some even deal with painful episodes of depression.

But please, go ahead and keep laughing.

H/T Katie Yoder at the Media Research Center.