WATCH: 7 of the Best Law Enforcement Lip Sync Battle Videos

Posted: Jul 08, 2018 2:00 PM

Over the last week law enforcement agencies have taken to social media to participate in the lip sync challenge. The idea is for officers and fire personnel to have fun.

The best part of the whole challenge is seeing the personality behind the people who swore an oath to serve and protect us each and every day.

Who Let The Dogs Out?!

Who doesn't love a K-9 companion who is willing to help at their master's beck and call...even when that call is a lip syncing video?

A Brotherly Duo

The duo between the Edmond Police Department and Edmond Fire and Rescue is spot on. It's like they're college buddies reunited for a cheesy music video. And it's utter perfection.

Throw Back to the 90s

Everyone knows a woman in their life who is a straight up BOSS. This one is for all of those ladies who are working, paying their own bills and don't need a man.

A Little Bit of Sass

These three know every kind of genre out there. WATCH OUT, other departments. Your bar as been raised!

When You Think You're In Love

Every young woman knows what it's like to have a boy she thinks she's in love with. Officer James and Axel definitely know how us ladies feel.

The Awkward Encounter

This is what happens when you jump into the wrong car.

Call Me. You Know The Number.

In case you forgot the number, it's 911. 

The Officer In Training

Police officers even inspired one youngest to participate in the challenge with his own personal K-9 unit: