WATCH: 'The Late Show' Creates A Parody Of An NRA Ad Starring 'Dana Loesch'

Posted: Jun 18, 2018 2:30 PM

Last month, 51-year-old Richard Remme of Fort Dodge, Iowa was taken to the hospital after his dog accidentally shot him.

Remme detailed the situation to The Messenger:

I carry. It’s a Ruger 9 mm, and it’s got a safety on it. I was lying on the couch, and we were horsing around, me and the dog. And I was tossing him off my lap, and he was jumping back on my lap.

And I carry in a belly band, under my bib overalls. And apparently he bumped the safety one time, and when he bounded back over one of his toes went right down into the trigger guard.

It has a trigger safety as well as a thumb safety, and he managed to hit both of them, and it discharged and went into my leg, did no major damage to anything.

Now, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is using the story in a parody featuring a wannabe Dana Loesch. In the ad, "The NRA: Keep Your Hands Off My Dog's Guns," the fake Loesch advocates for dogs to lawfully carry firearms.

“The liberal media wants you to believe guns are dangerous, just because you can be shot by a dog,” the parody actress says. “They want you to think it’s ridiculous to give a dog access to an automatic rifle. But here’s the thing—unless I’ve misread it, the Second Amendment guarantees the right for bears to have arms. And what’s a bear but a large dog?”

When Loesch received word of the parody, she took to Twitter to sound off on the skit: