Donald Trump Jr. Triggers Snowflakes...With A Belt Buckle

Posted: Jun 13, 2018 1:30 PM
Donald Trump Jr. Triggers Snowflakes...With A Belt Buckle

Donald Trump Jr. is making waves for "open carrying" a gun...on his belt buckle.

"Had fun getting a bit dirty today... also I got to bust out the coolest belt ever. Taking open carry to a whole new level!" Trump Jr. said in the caption under his picture.

Comments from anti-gunners included:

"terrible shameful clown"

"What happens when crazies just grab an "open carry" and just starts shooting. Realize you are well protected by the best, including your former NYPD, but what about everyone else."

"You better enjoy your freedom while you have it."

Of course, the majority of the comments were positive:

"That belt is awesome!"

"I need one of these bad"

"Gotta have one of these belts @donaldjtrumpjr where can I find one???"

"Well, down here in Southeast Alabama we love hard work, playing hard, hunting and fishing, President Trump and his family and most importantly God!"

Interestingly enough, the post somehow turned into a debate on hunting and whether or not it's something God would approve of. You can guess how that went.

The Open Carry Debate

Interestingly enough, the belt buckle can fall under open carry laws because it has a gun on it. In fact, the manufacturer of the belt, North American Arms, answered a question (with a snarky response) about this very issue in their FAQ section:

Does wearing the Belt Buckle holding an NAA minirevolver represent a ‘concealed’ condition? Do I need a license of any kind to wear it (and the gun)?

This depends on a number of factors, not the least of which includes the girth and midriff overhang of the wearer. Seriously the laws which govern the carrying of firearms are specific state to state. It’s my observation that the definition of ‘concealed’ varies greatly from one jurisdiction to another. We are manufacturers, not lawyers, and won’t pretend to offer any advice here; please check with the appropriate authorities in your location for a definitive answer.

Now the question becomes: is Donald Trump Jr. open carrying a belt buckle?!