Harvard's Supposed 'Conversation' With Parkland Survivors Is a Hoax (and a Major Waste of Time)

Posted: Mar 13, 2018 5:15 PM
Harvard's Supposed 'Conversation' With Parkland Survivors Is a Hoax (and a Major Waste of Time)

On Monday, the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University announced their upcoming "conversation" with the Parkland shooting survivors.


The conversation will include Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students Ryan Deitsch, Matt Deitsch, Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky and Alex Wind, all of whom have come out as outspoken proponents of gun control. Meighan Stone, who has a deep-rooted history in the progressive movement, will be the "conversation's" moderator. 

Notice what name is missing from the list? That's right, Kyle Kashuv, the pro-Second Amendment student who has been meeting with various congressmen and senators on both sides of the aisle, as well as the Trump administration.

It's highly unlikely that they simply "forgot" to invite Kashuv, considering Stone's background. After all, she does sit on the Board of Directors for Indivisible, the Progressive group that opposes anything and everything that the Trump administration does. Kashuv is also the only outspoken Parkland student who favors gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Kashuv initially called out his classmates for failing to include him in the conversation. 

Conservatives across Twitter called on Harvard to do the right thing and invite Kashuv to join the discussion.

Kashuv deleted his original tweet once GOP students at Harvard invited him to speak.

It's sad that this is what we've come to as a country. We have Ivy League colleges trying to tell us how a conversation should go by cherry-picking which point of view students should hear. What's even worse is that this very scheduled "conversation" is indicative of the political climate on college campuses across the nation. 

While colleges and universities tout this idea of "exposing students to new ideas" and "creating a safe environment for new discussions," all they're really doing is setting young adults up for failure. They're  preventing students from being exposed to conservative ideas and viewpoints. By doing this, they're delaying the inevitable and creating an even more divided country.

When college students leave the gates of their campus with a diploma in hand, they're headed to the real world where they're going to be forced to work with and live next to *GASP* conservatives! Any bit of manners they learned in kindergarten was thrown out the window when they stepped onto their college campus. Respect for others became a thing of the past if that person doesn't see things exactly the way you do. In college, students were taught about "inclusion" and "acceptance," but remember, you can only include and accept someone if he or she agrees with you politically. 

Harvard's Parkland conversation isn't a conversation at all. If anything, this event is being used to reaffirm students' opinions, particularly on the issue of gun control. It's being used by the left to say, "See! These are the laws that the victims want! You should want them too! They know what they're talking about because they've been in the line of fire."

If this "conversation" was really a dialogue, Harvard would have invited all of the outspoken Parkland survivors, including the ones organizers might not have agreed with.