1000 Calls In 20 Minutes, Wisconsin Is Gearing Up For The Recall

Posted: May 31, 2012 12:01 AM
1000 Calls In 20 Minutes, Wisconsin Is Gearing Up For The Recall

The start to the Americans For Prosperity "A Better Wisconsin" bus tour gathered an enthusiastic crowd just outside of Milwaukee, WI, where volunteers and attendees made over 1000 calls in just over 20 minutes to Wisconsin residents.

The callers read from a simple script, letting them know of the upcoming recall election, the record of Democratic challenger and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and asked two simple questions; Do you believe that Wisconsin is on the right track, and what is the best way to balance government budgets. The script, nor the callers, mention current Governor Scott Walker by name or by inference.

This was my first experience in seeing phone banking on the go, as it were. The bus was filled with people of all ages on cell phones, utilizing an automated system and respectfully asking those two questions. During the stop, people were thankful that so many people across the country took the time to pay attention to what is happening in Wisconsin.

As Guy Benson noted, Democrats are none too happy that people are taking notice, and are already talking down their chances in Wisconsin:

Make no mistake: The Left -- and especially organized labor -- desperately wants to oust Walker. He campaigned as a conservative, has governed as a conservative, and has thrown the breaks on the nasty little taxpayer-funded union/Democrat gravy train racket that's been running for decades. His reforms are working, and people are noticing, even in a state that hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate since before I was born.

The latest Marquette Law School poll has Walker over Barrett 52%-45%. The people in Wisconsin have noticed.