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Across the country, masks are finally coming off, and normalcy is returning to our shores. For those working to protect individual liberty, the CDC's recent mask concession is another step towards returning our country to its place as a bastion for freedom and prosperity. But our work is far from done. Our attention must now shift to protecting our children, who have suffered more than anyone else from these unnecessary shutdowns and mandates. 


With students returning to the classroom this autumn, a slew of requirements is likely to meet them to further the leftist agenda of making our youth submissive to a powerful government.  

The New York Times reports that over 100 colleges and universities are planning on requiring vaccines as a stipulation for attending in-person classes next semester. True to form, the Times' "report" seemed to care more about pushing a narrative than it did in informing the public. It neglected to state that there are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, meaning that over 90-percent of colleges have not yet implemented forced vaccine policies. That said, the number of schools requiring vaccine cards will undoubtedly grow should parents and students not fight back. 

If we hope to preserve liberty for the next generation, we must stop the spread of these draconian restrictions on individual freedom. 

This latest vaccine propaganda being pushed on college campuses is anti-science. It's about politics, not public health. Consider the actual health risks young people face from COVID. 

The vast majority of 18-25-year-olds who "get" the virus are asymptomatic. When they do experience symptoms, they usually are very mild and over in a short time. There is a compelling scientific case to be made that college students getting the virus is a good thing for herd immunity while getting an experimental vaccine isn't. That said, the radical left never misses a chance to impose their statist agenda on vulnerable minds, and this case is of no exception.  


Conservative parents can't afford to put their child in situations where their sense of individualism is compromised, especially by so-called "educators" — not today, not tomorrow, not ever. You likely agree but are worried that you don't have much choice. I'm happy to tell you that we the people have more leverage than you think.

Let me explain.

Already, universities have furloughed thousands of employees and announced revenue losses in the hundreds of millions. Some have even cut academic programs that were once central to a liberal arts education to stay afloat during the China virus lockdowns. 

They are hanging on by a thread. 

All you have to do is tell your college that you will delay your attendance if they require vaccines for students. If even 10 percent of parents do this, these colleges will back off because they can't survive without these tuition dollars.

Just ask the Big Ten how committed colleges are to these money-losing initiatives. If enough parents weaponize their wallets, they'll fold.

And don't feel bad for one second about doing so. You are paying a lot of money for a "service" from these colleges. Like all services, you should demand that they meet your needs, not the other way around. 

"But Tom," you may say, "what if the colleges don't immediately capitulate? I wouldn't want to hold my child back from receiving an education." This is where the true leverage lies for you and your student. Little Billy or Susie can still earn college credits without attending an indoctrination institution, with many classes available through the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP).


CLEP has been around since I was in college 45 years ago, and I used it to skip almost my entire freshman year of college by "testing out" of classes for which I could prove I already knew the material. CLEP offers 34 exams that cover intro-level college course material. With a passing score on one CLEP exam, one could earn three or more college credits per class at more than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities. It only costs $70 per exam to get three college credit hours (some states even cover the costs) that would otherwise cost thousands in tuition. Students that take advantage of this program could easily skip a year and save thousands of dollars in the process. 

In their "off-year," have your son or daughter enroll in a trade school where they can get certified as a plumber, carpenter, dental assistant, legal assistant, or as a professional in many other professions in less than nine months for less than $10,000. Trades are in high demand, so they can make a ton of money now and will have that to fall back on for the rest of their lives if they can't get a job they want after going to college. That's a winning strategy that will defeat the left and show your children how to be smart about life planning. 

It is time that we conservatives use our financial power to get the America we deserve.

It's time that Americans make a principled stand and show their children what it means to defend their rights and freedoms. Delaying attendance at college until your rights are respected is a small price to pay to show the government and college leftists that you will not be bullied into giving up your freedom. 


Freedom is not free, but it is worth whatever it costs to retain it. This is a fight we can and must win and is a teachable moment for the next generation.  

Do not comply with their demands; make them comply with ours. Together we will restore prosperity to our great nation.

Tom Zawistowski is the President of the We the People Convention. Watch a video of this article by clicking here.

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