The Rocky Shoals of 'Unity'… 2021-style

Posted: Jan 23, 2021 12:01 AM
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The Rocky Shoals of 'Unity'… 2021-style

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Well, that didn’t take long: the applause from the few socially-distanced attendees for Joe Biden’s repeated call for “unity” in his Inaugural Address had barely died down before the 46th president had already eliminated his first 1,000 jobs.

Seated at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, one of Biden’s first acts was to sign an Executive Order killing the Keystone XL Pipeline…a much-needed project that would have carried over 830,000 daily barrels of oil from Canada to the United States. Calgary-based TC Energy announced that due to Biden’s order, it was immediately eliminating over 1,000 construction jobs; industry analysts predict the shutdown will strike a blow against America’s energy independence. Oh, and also slash 10,000 jobs in the U.S. and Canada before the shutdown is complete, siphoning $2.2-billion in payroll out of workers' pockets.

But criticizing his Executive Order is a speed bump in “Unity” in the eyes of a president whose strings are being pulled by the same puppeteers who want us all driving $79,000 Model X Tesla electric cars as we pass the giant bird-killing windmill eyesores with which they are dotting our landscapes. And pay no attention to that poll behind the curtain: less than 24 hours after Lunchpail Joe from Scranton inked his order, 51% of respondents to a Rasmussen survey responded that canceling the pipeline is a bad idea. (Apparently they don’t see lost jobs or higher energy prices as a plus. But then again, Biden’s team can just brand them “insurrectionists” and move on.)

Ditto with expecting Biden—whose G.I. Joe “Unity” action figure should  be  rushed in production at the Hasbro factory in Rhode Island before one of his Administration’s acolytes targets the toymaker for carbon emissions which might impact so-called Climate Change—to intervene to stop the insane Democratic Party effort to “remove” Donald Trump through a “trial” in the now Democrat-controlled Senate.

(In the past, we would have called this trial a “kangaroo court” except that would insult decent folks like “Roos 2 U” in suburban Maryland who provide loving care and educational outreach involving real kangaroos and other macropods.) 

Since Donald Trump already vacated the White House at the end of his first term and is now living at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, demanding a “trial” after his snap “Impeachment” is reminiscent of the bloodthirsty villagers storming the castle in those black-&-white 1940’s Frankenstein films cranked out by Universal Pictures. Stupid. Mean. And as pointless as all other Democrat-led inquisitions (“Russia” hoax, “Ukraine Phone Call” hoax, sham Impeachment #1, Mueller probe) which accomplished zero, other than wasting taxpayer dollars and creating—wait for it—DISunity. 

Even our 38th president Gerald Ford—not remembered for much except “WIN” buttons and his propensity to fall down the stairs of Air Force One—got it:  immediately upon assuming the presidency following the resignation of Richard M. Nixon, Ford went on national TV and declared an end to the Watergate scandals by granting a full and complete pardon to Nixon, adding: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” That guy knew a thing or two about healing and unity.

But Joe Biden—now allegedly the most powerful man in the Free World as well as the actual head of the Democratic Party—has so far not lifted a finger to promote “unity” with the 74-million Trump voters by pulling those pissants Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into the Oval Office and performing the Three Stooges thing Moe used to do when he’d knock Larry and Shemp’s heads together like coconuts. (Spoiler Alert: if he streamed that on pay-per-view, he’d put a nice dent in the $1.9-trillion his big-spending proposals will add to our National Debt.)

Best part: unlike during Sham Impeachment Trial #1 last year, Chief Justice John Roberts cannot legally preside over a “trial” of a private citizen like Donald Trump. So any Senate inquisition will likely be overseen by the president of the Senate…who happens to be Vice President Kamala D. Harris, last seen nodding like one of those light-up dogs in people’s car windows as she listened to President Biden’s Inaugural Address calling for an end to the “Uncivil war in America” and again pledging to “work as hard” for voters who supported Trump as those who cast ballots for him. Yup, Joe. Nothing screams “Unity” to a Trump voter like having your vice president hold the gavel as House managers like Eric “Chow Mein” Swalwell smear our 45th president.

Biden could also—but won’t—haul the heads of Blue Cross and Commerce Banks and Marriott Hotels to Washington and tell them to stop withholding political contributions from lawmakers who merely were exercising their Constitutional duty to assure that the 2020 election results were fully verified. (FYI, I personally contacted all three of the above-named organizations seeking their justification for being so ham-handed. No response. To three separate requests directed at  representatives of each. Crickets.)  Or how about retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Wayfair dropping MY PILLOW products as backlash to CEO and Trump supporter Mike Lindell? Not much “unity” there…if our new president wants to ferret out uncivil actions.

BOTTOM LINE:  “Unity” is in the eye of the beholder. And right now, Lunchpail Joe from Scranton is the beholder. But as that new Rasmussen poll has already demonstrated…replacing Fake News with Fake Unity may not work out very well.

After just one day on the job, Biden is already the linear equivalent of Robert Redford’s character Bill McKay in the film THE CANDIDATE. After winning a longshot (pre-Dominion) bid for the U.S. Senate in California, McKay looked up at his campaign manager and pleaded: “What do we do now?”

Tom Tradup is VP/News & Talk Programming for Dallas-based Salem Radio Network. He can be reached at ttradup@srnradio.com

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