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President Trump recently made history at a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by securing a commitment for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. As part of the agreement, the remains of fallen American service members were returned home from North Korea. Their long-overdue homecoming, another one of President Trump’s promises fulfilled, will be honored at a ceremony this week with Vice President Mike Pence.


This was a historic moment made possible by a president who projects American strength and leadership abroad, and who fights for the interests of the American people no matter what. As a result of the summit, North Korea has begun dismantling nuclear test sites, and the region is on its way to peace and stability. While previous administrations were unable to reach these unprecedented accomplishments, the Trump administration succeeded.  

Now, the remains of 55 United States servicemen who fought and died in the Korean War have finally arrived on American soil. Nearly 37,000 Americans gave their lives during three years of combat, including an estimated 5,300 fallen in North Korea. The American people owe a deep gratitude to these heroes and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

President Trump continues to express that gratitude by honoring our service members, veterans, and fallen heroes. The president promised to bring home the remains of American service members in North Korea, and he fulfilled that promise in this remarkable moment for our country. 

This is just one of the many ways that President Trump is standing up for the American people and honoring our heroes. Throughout his term, he has consistently cut the bureaucratic burdens that plague the Department of Veterans Affairs, expanded veterans’ access to educational and health care benefits, given pay raises to our troops, and boosted the U.S. military budget. Thanks to the president’s leadership, our military is stronger and our service members and veterans are being cared for.


The president and his administration are standing for our troops at every turn, honoring their service and sacrifice, and creating a stronger America for each of us – and for a better world. Last year, the president signed into law the landmark VA Accountability Act, making it easier for the government to hold VA employees accountable. He also championed the Veterans Choice Act, which eliminates red tape for veterans seeking quality medical care.

Today, thanks to President Trump’s strong and passionate leadership, many of America’s fallen heroes are finally home. As we work toward bringing home the rest, we celebrate the administration’s historic step forward for the American people and tireless efforts for peace and stability across the globe. President Trump continues to deliver on his promises to our nation’s heroes of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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