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The innate desire for fairness is a hallmark of the human spirit. From childhood battles with siblings to school grading to athletic competitions and all the way to adulthood careers and battles over which political policies should rule the day, humanity tends to embrace fairness and eschew unfairness. Indeed, the desire for fairness has led to society getting better in countless ways. Just here in the United States, slavery was ended and voting and other key civil rights were expanded to everyone, all because in the end, regardless of our differences and past mistakes, most people just wanted to be fair to everyone.


It’s a noble notion, fairness, right up there with other noble notions like conventional sexual morality, hard work, intellectual honesty, and objective truth. Except, ironically, modern leftists - many if not most of whom are closet if not overt Marxists - have managed to toss aside those other notions while somehow keeping a twisted notion of “fairness” around to use to their advantage.

And what an advantage it has become. Today, any negative difference in outcome in any category by any “protected” group (i.e. everyone except white males) is automatically deemed “unfair” by the powers-that-be and in need of a remedy. They use words like “injustice,” “hate,” “racism,” “inequality,” and “inclusivity” like weapons, berating dissidents to their ideology as evil people who should be ignored, deplatformed, and even denied gainful employment. 

Using “fairness” as a weapon, leftists have managed to successfully infiltrate every level of politics, media, education, and even the business world, where DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) has become a semi-cult in HR departments across the country. But what exactly is “equity,” and how does it differ from the “equality” the original Civil Rights movement was established upon?


Here’s a pretty standard explanation of the difference between equality and equity from InclusionHub: “Equity Is often used interchangeably with equality, but there’s a core difference: Where equality is a system in which each individual is offered the same opportunities regardless of circumstance, equity distributes resources based on needs. We live in a disproportionate society, and equity tries to correct its imbalance by creating more opportunities for people who have historically had less access.”

Now obviously, any fair-minded person can get on board with the notion of equality, particularly equality under God and equality under the law. Here, none of us are any better - or worse - than anyone else. Indeed, when Thomas Jefferson penned the words, “all men are created equal,” that kind of equality was exactly what he was thinking about.

Equity, on the other hand, is an entirely different concept. It is, in effect, a vague notion of the concept of equality being weaponized by the left for political gain. Here, it’s not just equality of opportunity we’re looking for - or fairness in the traditional sense - but rather equality of results. So, inequalities like men dominating engineering fields, non-whites being overrepresented in prison populations, Asian students doing better at math, and countless others are looked at as societal problems that must be rectified rather than things that just happen because randomness exists and people and cultures tend to not be carbon copies of one another. And to make matters worse, they believe as a default that these ‘societal problems’ exist as a result of some sort of evil or nefarious motives, generally on the part of people who happen to be white.


The problem with their worldview, of course, is that life will never, ever be fair. Because, from IQ to physical prowess to work ethic to emotional intelligence and every other factor in between, every one of us is absolutely UNequal in every possible way. Like snowflakes (the good kind), none of us are the same. And when you stretch that logic to various people groups, none of those are the exact same either, despite the decades of leftist lies that insist otherwise.

Given those obvious truths, how could you possibly achieve “equity,” or equality in results, across the board? Tragically, the Marxists and their various iterations thought they had it all figured out, until their societies collapsed in murderous ruin. You’d think today’s leftists would learn from the worst bloodbaths of the 20th century, but they continue to fruitlessly think they can reinvent the same tired, old, bloody wheel.

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