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Leftists’ approach to seizing and holding onto power would almost be admirable in terms of its ingenuity, if it weren’t so devious. First, expand the voter base to include literally everyone, with or without a pulse. Whether you’re a 16-year-old just figuring out that eating Tide-Pods isn’t the cool thing it seemed like in your head, an illegal immigrant just learning how to properly pronounce the word “asylum,” a convicted rapist on parole, or a prisoner literally in prison serving your sentence, Democrats think you have what it takes to select America’s next slate of leaders. And if you’re dead and they can figure out a way to avoid getting caught, hell they’ll ‘let’ you vote too, if only because they know for SURE which direction THAT lever is going to turn.


Then, expand their voter base even further by importing as many fresh leftist-leaning potential voters as possible. The more the merrier, they say, even if it costs their former middle-class working base lower wages and tougher competition in the job market. 

Finally, make themselves virtually immune to criticism for what they’re doing. That’s because there’s something you aren’t supposed to notice about all these leftist-leaning future voters - they’re almost always from Third World nations. There’s also something else, something you’re REALLY not supposed to notice - of late, these leftist-leaning future voters are almost always non-white.

I know. You just cringed, didn’t you? Even if we notice all that, we aren’t supposed to say it out loud, right? Not in “polite society” at least. It’s genius, actually. Bring in hordes of left-leaning Third Worlders, almost all of whom are non-white, then lambast anyone who notices or raises questions as “racist.”

Except, it’s not about race, not to us anyway. It shouldn’t matter, and it really wouldn’t matter, if the people crossing our border en masse were, say, Commie-hating Cubans. Sure, we’d still ask for orderly, LEGAL immigration, but conservatives aren’t raising a ruckus over Indian doctors or Tibetan IT techs, and if Canada were a Third World country and socialist loving white people were pouring across Montana, you can bet there would be a problem there too.


But no, Democrats see a strategic advantage in thwarting President Trump’s attempts to secure the border, then encouraging hundreds of thousands of liberal-leaning Latinos to cross illegally, knowing full well their overwhelming numbers will overwhelm any attempts to vet and properly process them and that they’ll disappear into the American heartland, no strings attached.

Dare to notice, and leftists will lump you in with real racists - people who genuinely hate and wish harm on other races. Thankfully, retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor dared not just to notice, but to say it on national television during an appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last week. In Macgregor’s view, forcing “demographic change” is an integral party of Democrats’ strategy to get and hold onto power. 

During a conversation with Tucker Carlson about the short and long term effects of the president’s recent trade deal with Mexico, the former Army officer listed Democratic Party strategy as one reason why the deal cannot “profoundly influence” the border crisis over the long haul. 

As proof, he brought up two names we all recognize – Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan – and posts they once held, senator from and governor of California. Does anyone in their right mind think anyone like Nixon or Reagan could ever statewide office in California again? No? Why on earth not?


“It’s called demographic change,” Macgregor said, “and right now the largest ethnic minority in California is largely Mexican and Hispanic. … The Latinos — the Mexicans — are the base of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has decided they are the future for the left in the United States. The more of these people that can be brought in illegally as well as legally, the better it is for the Democratic Party because their goal is to transform the United States into a facsimile of California.”

Remember, by and large this new crop of immigrants aren’t coming here for “freedom” (else they’d probably vote Republican). They are coming here for the “free” stuff, stuff Democrats are all-too-willing to give in exchange for reliable votes.

Indeed, Democrats have been weaponizing immigration for years in search of that “permanent democratic majority” they keep going on about, and their efforts are clearly bearing fruit:

“But the nation's transformation is remaking the national electoral map as well,” wrote Forbes contributor Pete Saunders in 2016. “It's been well noted that states like Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina, strongly conservative and Republican for decades, have become battleground states in part because of the surging numbers of minority voters in the last couple of decades.”


In an article titled, “Demography Favors the Democrats,” CityLab’s Tanvi Misra broke down how America’s “increasingly diverse electorate” is flipping an electoral switch for Democrats that will be difficult if not impossible to flip back. Sure, Trump managed to win the Rust Belt thanks in no small part to older disaffected white voters, but each passing cycle only works in Democrats’ favor. 

US News & World Report senior writer Susan Milligan predicts Texas’ “growing Hispanic population” could help turn the state purple, and eventually blue, in the coming years. If Republicans think they have a hard time winning elections without Virginia in their column, imagine trying to win without Texas. 

Sadly, Democrats are all too aware that the best any Republican has done winning the Hispanic vote in recent memory is George Bush’s 40 percent in 2004, and that doubtless included many Commie-hating Cubans who do a great job for the most part keeping Florida red. Take the Castro-haters out, and you’ve got a ready-made electorate who generally love big governments, totalitarianism, and socialism. 

In other words, race matters … to Democrats. Question what they’re doing, and they’ll call you a “racist.” Comply, and kiss any chance of winning a national election - and your freedoms - goodbye as America slowly becomes a carbon-copy of the hellholes from which they came.


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