Planned Parenthood Celebrates 99 Years of Killing Dreams

Posted: Feb 05, 2015 12:01 AM

Planned Parenthood is commemorating 99 years of killing by “celebrating” Black History Month. Black American history is a journey of a people who did everything possible to escape an institution of violence, discrimination and death. Did our predecessors really risk everything to restore our human dignity for us to run into the arms of another industry that profits from dehumanizing? Did they fight for us to become members of this society through the hard-fought freedoms of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments for us to be dismembered, by the millions, under the guise of “reproductive justice”?

The abortion industry doesn’t care about history. And it certainly doesn’t care about civil rights. It’s only concerned with its own tales of fiction. Planned Parenthood’s website includes a quickly thrown together “tribute” to 99 Dream Keepers claiming to honor one leader for every 99 years the abortion chain has been in business. Perhaps it was too much to have the more accurate 99 Dream Killers and highlight the black pastors, doctors, activists, celebrities and academics they’ve recruited to tout the billion-dollar population control organization responsible for the death of millions of would-be dreamers. They’re trying to hijack the Civil Rights Movement and mainstream media gladly aids and abets the effort. Almost amusingly, Planned Parenthood states: “Planned Parenthood has a complicated history, but since our founding, we have worked with the community to increase opportunity and access to health care for everyone.”

In other words, they were birthed in eugenic racism that specifically targeted poorer blacks with birth control (which morphed into massive abortion-on-demand) to “weed out the defectives, or those who will become defective.” Complicated? I think they mean “racist.”

Planned Parenthood, with its dominance in urban communities (79% of its abortion centers are located in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods), has never improved health disparities. In fact, it is the cause of racial health disparities, most notably the hugely disproportionate abortion of black babies at 5 times the rate of the majority population. STDs are exponentially higher in the black community today, at rates far exceeding what existed decades ago. Chlamydia is seven times higher among blacks than whites and three times higher than Hispanics. Gonorrhea is 17 times higher among blacks than whites and eight times higher than Hispanics. Syphilis is 17 times higher among black women than white women and cases among black men between ages 20-24 have increased by 75 percent between 2006-2011. Among homosexual black males, this has been even more drastic at 167% (in just a three-year period from 2005-2008). Homosexual black males, according to the CDC, are also the source of most new cases of HIV/AIDS.

Yet Planned Parenthood pushes their sexually reckless propaganda while falsely declaring they are the only health resource for most of the black community. Planned Parenthood tells teens, for instance, “there’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.” Really? HPV. STD. HIV. SMH. That’s just Abortion Marketing 101—Create Return Customers.

Well, as far as being medically or morally accurate, they clearly get a failing grade. But mainstream media keeps lauding the flunkee. And many #BlackLivesMatter Twitter activists don’t miss an opportunity to show their undying allegiance to Planned Parenthood and to the life-crushing act of abortion (which accounts for Planned Parenthood’s $1.2 billion in assets and recent $127 million in profit). How about #HandsUpDontAbort? Of course, racism is everywhere except for in the only industry that intentionally kills defenseless human beings for a living. Some of The Radiance Foundation’s tweets and Facebook posts have actually enraged some because we’ve highlighted the fact that the violence of abortion has made over 16 million black human beings…history. There’s a deafening silence when the reality of “reproductive justice” is laid out in its repulsively racist reality. In NYC, more black babies are aborted than are born alive! Apparently this is something liberal feminists (who have injected themselves ever so awkwardly into the whole #BlackLivesMatter “movement”) celebrate.

Billion-dollar, taxpayer funded, Medicaid-defrauding Planned Parenthood is a tragic reminder of what liberal feminists hail as “equality.” They confuse it with enmity. Imagine the civil rights movement using the profane language of the liberal “women’s rights movement”? Imagine Martin Luther King Jr. debasing himself by dressing up as a penis to prove I AM A MAN. Imagine Fannie Lou Hamer reciting lines from “The Vagina Monologues,” a pro-statutory rape play, as she demanded solutions for impoverished women.

Imagine civil rights leaders demanding constitutional provisions to cause death to those they perceived as impeding their own “equality.”

It’s impossible to imagine all of this because the fight for racial equality had to elevate itself above the wretchedness of racism—a real and not conjured enemy.

The late Dr. Mildred Jefferson, who achieved more than any pro-abortion group leader ever will, was the epitome of true feminism. She rose above the hardships of Jim Crow Texas and the sexism of the mid-20th century to become the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Being the trailblazer that she was, she was the first female employed as a general surgeon at Boston University Medical Center. Her eloquent gift of speech touched countless audiences around the world as she served as a passionate ambassador for life. She dedicated her gifts and talents to caring for the sick and exposing the depraved ideology of eugenics. Over the course of her remarkable life, she was awarded 28 honorary degrees.

Her words, so gentle yet so soul shaking, were filled with justice and compassion: “I am at once a physician, a citizen and a woman. And I am not willing to stand aside and allow this concept of expendable human lives to turn this great land of ours into just another exclusive reservation where only the perfect, the privileged and the planned have a right to live.”

Dr. Jefferson’s story is what Dreams are made of. Her legacy should inspire current and future generations to become Dream seekers, always elevating others while pursing the seemingly impossible.

©Ryan Bomberger