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Early in the pandemic, a small but vocal group of dissenters emerged on social media. Outspoken opponents of the official narrative, they included not only health care professionals but also other scientists, professors, lawyers, data analysts, and just smart people with clever, common-sense takes. Soon they began networking with each other, greatly expanding their reach and increasing their influence.


I’m not sure who first coined the term “Team Reality” to describe these folks—as opposed to the establishment’s “Team Apocalypse”—but the moniker is apt, and it stuck. From the beginning, team members have been solidly grounded in truth, seeing through the establishment’s smokescreens, dispelling its myths, and debunking its lies with cold, hard facts.

A remarkable feature of Team Reality is that it includes so many former leftists who have been, as they say, “red-pilled.” Intellectually honest, they recognized early on that their side was shamelessly manipulating data, spinning yarns and constructing morality tales designed to restrict people’s freedom and control their behavior. So they switched sides. I suppose some of those converts might assume the disinformation campaign applies only to covid and, once the pandemic is over, go back to their comfortable leftist drawing rooms. But many are now wide awake to the reality that the left has for years prioritized narrative over truth. For them, there is no going back. What they have seen, they cannot unsee.

Personally, I was a member of Team Reality even before I knew it existed, openly objecting to lockdowns and calling BS on masking as early as April 2020. In fact, it was the masking issue that led me to the team, as I scoured the internet for information. I was grateful to find others who believed as I did and who had expertise I lacked in important areas. They provided a sense of community and armed me with key facts.


I am hardly a prominent member of that community, lacking both the experience and the platform of such luminaries as Robert Malone, Alex Berenson, Ian Miller, Justin Hart, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Jenin Younes, and Jennifer Cabrera (just to name a few). But I do have THIS platform, and I would like to use it to pose a question to the group:

Where do we go from here?

Not that our work on covid is done. Far from it. The forces of the bio-fascist state that wish to enslave us have not gone away. They are still spreading lies and working behind the scenes—if not quite as openly—to create restrictive policies and legislation. Team Reality cannot rest until they are utterly defeated.

Still, especially in Red States, the fight against covid tyranny seems to be winding down, even as other, perhaps more important battles loom. Eventually, covid will fade into the background—if not as a respiratory virus then at least as a public emergency. Meanwhile, we have this army of smart, thoughtful, highly educated individuals. How can we best deploy them in the culture war of the future?

Because that war, like the current one, will be fought on the battlefield of public perception. People will either recognize and accept the truth, and in the long run be free and prosperous; or else they will swallow the establishment’s lies, resigning themselves to lives of misery and serfdom. I see very little middle ground. And if the aim of Team Reality all along has been to champion the truth—well, there’s still a lot of truth to be championed, much of it far more important than case numbers or virion size.


One of the main fronts on which this war will be waged—indeed, is already being waged—is gender. My esteemed colleague at Townhall.com, Scott Morefield, himself a charter member of Team Reality, has suggested the term “Gender Reality Movement” to describe those of us pushing back against the powerful, absurd, and destructive gender theory movement. Whether or not a name change is strictly necessary--because, you know, reality is reality, whether applied to virology or biology--his point is well-taken.

After all, perhaps the biggest lie our society and particularly our children are being sold today is that biological sex is malleable—that a man who says he’s a woman is just as much a woman as someone born female. (Forget the supposed distinction between “gender” and “sex”; the left has abandoned it and now simply uses the two words interchangeably.) Like much of what we’ve been told about covid, masks, and the “vaccines,” this is an attack on reality itself; like the covid narrative, it is based on “science” that is not science at all. And if anything, these fictions pose a far greater long-term threat to society than those about a virus people will eventually stop obsessing over, anyway.

Another issue where Team Reality’s organization and expertise might be invaluable is climate change. Once again, much of what we’re being told about the climate, by the government and its media and Big Tech co-conspirators, is spin, at best—a narrative, like the one surrounding covid, designed to elicit specific responses and create a particular outcome favorable to the above-named parties but not necessarily to the rest of us. Indeed, on climate, it’s hard to know what’s true. But I bet Team Reality can suss it out and then use its platforms to make that information public, just as it did with covid.


The bottom line is that we’ve got this amazing coalition of brilliant, fearless truth-tellers who came together apparently by accident (but I believe providentially) to combat the lies and propaganda of the covid era. Since there are plenty more lies and propaganda where those came from, I’m hoping we can keep the team together. That would be the mendacious, manipulative left’s worst nightmare.

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