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Washington’s Calculated Deception: Why America’s Middle Class Is In Long Term Decline Today

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America today has the proven resources to be the world’s number 1 producer of oil, number 1 producer of natural gas, and number 1 producer of coal. What is the policy of the Clinton/Obama Democrats flying under the flag of so-called “progressivism” today? Leave it in the ground!

Their reason: if we continue to use the fossil fuel energy that powered the industrial revolution, life on the planet is going to fry, and we are all going to die. This is calculated deception, to justify vastly expanded government power and control, and a socialist takeover of American energy, which offers today the most economically transformative energy explosion in the history of mankind.

Have you heard the explanation and justification for this climate change/global warming hysteria? No, you haven’t. Instead, they trot out comedianslike Bill Nye the Science Guy, who tell us with a straight face yes, it is all true. And deranged power mad politicians like Al Gore, who tell us, forget about getting a job, that’s is too dangerous. Here take this government check and don’t forget to vote Democrat. Otherwise, those mean Republicans will take even that away from you.

The U.S. government maintains satellites measuring atmospheric temperatures 24/7. That data shows there has been no global warming for 19 years now. Soon that period of no global warming will be longer than the period of actual global warming, which lasted only 20 years, from the late 1970s to the late 1990s. Before that there was 30 years of global cooling. When the same Democrat Party machine media of today was warning us of the coming new Ice Age.

Using fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which supposedly threaten to fry the planet. But during the past 19 years of no global warming, mankind has produced one-third of all CO2 emissions since 1750, when the industrial revolution began. That industrial revolution was the foundation of the power of the West. Leading those CO2 emissions have been emerging third world nations like India and China, trying to climb out of centuries of energy poverty.

Over the past year, the scientific arguments for potentially catastrophic, man-caused global warming have been demolished by publication of three 1,000 page volumes of double peer reviewed science by the Heartland Institute, international headquarters of skeptical science regarding catastrophic climate change. Check it out for yourself under the title Climate Change Reconsidered II at the Heartland Institute website – Heartland.org, if you dare.

That work is based on real, world leading, scientists from MIT, Princeton, the University of Virginia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the NASA scientists from the University of Alabama at Huntsville reporting the satellite data. But Democrat Attorneys General are organizing to shut these scientists down under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), for threatening the financial contributions of the Democrat Party.

CO2 is no toxic industrial gas, but a natural component of the atmosphere, essential to the survival of all life on the planet. CO2 intensifies photosynthesis in plants, increasing their growth. Without CO2, plants would die, and without plants, there would be no food for animals. This is why real greenhouses trying to grow plants more quickly pump in sharply increased concentrations of CO2, 2 to 3 times current atmospheric concentrations.

The only documented effect of increased atmospheric CO2 is increased global agricultural output, a true greening of the planet. There has been no increased polar ice cap or global glacier melting, or accelerated sea level rise. Natural proxies for historic atmospheric CO2 (tree rings, deep ice core samples) show past CO2 concentrations several times greater than today. See Climate Change Reconsidered II. This is why when you hear someone calling carbon dioxide “pollution”, you know you are dealing with fraud or ignorance.

Democrats used to consider themselves the champions of blue collar workers. But not any more. Democrats today have new hip friends, like crony socialist billionaires posing as renewable energy moguls reaping billions in taxpayer corporate welfare, in return for the political contributions that keep today’s Democrat Calculated Deception machine going. That is why Hillary Clinton is bragging about putting thousands of coal miners out of work, and their coal company employers out of business.

American energy independence? Booming economic growth, jobs, and the American Dream? That is so outdated 20th Century. Old white guys talking about the good, old days, as Barack Obama, the Calculated Deceiver in Chief tells us. 

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