NBC Accidently Discovers Obamacare’s Asterisk

Posted: Oct 30, 2013 12:14 AM

Wow. . . NBC stumbled into a moment of actual journalism: A woman in Florida was recently given some news, which according to the President, was impossible. Despite being responsible enough to have healthcare coverage, her plan did not meet the minimum requirement under the Affordable Care Act; and was therefore cancelled. Maybe her plan didn’t include the appropriate amount of Sandra Fluke-approved contraception coverage? Lucky for her the insurance company gave her the option of upgrading to the “new and improved” plan that meets the minimum requirements under Obama’s signature law. . . At a 1,000 percent price hike.

And she’s not alone. Another woman being interviewed by NBC asked, rightfully, what she’s supposed to eat now that her insurance premium is as large as her rental payment. (Cake?) Over 1.5 million Americans have received similar letters in recent weeks, with up to 14 million more Americans potentially on the chopping block, as insurance companies change their offerings to be compliant with Obamacare’s arbitrary definition of “adequate” coverage.

But Jay Carney says it’s OK. Coverage that is being discontinued, he said, was insufficient to begin with. Lucky for all those millions of newly uninsured Americans that Obama and Co are looking out for them. Apparently Obama intended to say that you can keep your current plan if you like it, and if DC approves it.

The big news this week (for people who routinely ignore outlets like Townhall) is that the Obama Administration knew, all the way back in early 2010, that millions of people would be unable to continue in their current insurance plans.

Um. . . Duh. And it gets worse: The Obama administration still has Obama’s infamous claim that “you can keep your current healthcare if you’re pleased with it” on their website. But, then again, this administration has never been that great at running websites. (It’s not an inaccuracy – it’s a glitch!)

NBC’s feigned outrage that the Obama Administration would have the audacity to make such a claim (knowing it was patently false) is almost laughable. (Please – Let’s play the “I told you so” game. Paul Ryan, do you want to go first?) Of course the White House knew people would lose their low cost insurance plans. . . In fact, that was an integral portion of making Obamacare work! C’mon, we have comprehensive (price restricted) policies for people with pre-existing conditions to hand out. . . You can’t fund that kind of altruism off of low cost health options.

None of this is secret, or nefarious. Obama himself explained that the system is dependent upon young and healthy (soon-to-be-Democrat-voters) citizens signing up en mass for extensive coverage to offset the cost of the newly mandated insurance services. A part of that equation is moving healthy people from low-cost insurance and dumping them on the exchanges. And while the following sentence is incredibly difficult for me to choke out, it must be said: Obama understood what would happen in the private sector when his law was implemented.

So did I.

You probably did as well.

But Liberals apparently didn’t. At least not the rank-and-file. One former Democrat staffer expressed her frustration at Obamacare’s adverse effects to the Blaze. (Don’t worry. . . She won’t let a little thing like the implosion of liberal ideology and the collapse of a liberal promise throw her off her game. . . She thinks single payer might be a better way to go.) What many sticker-shocked Obama supporters are likely to not realize is that the only affordable portion of the Affordable Care Act was the cheap talk used by the Administration.

And much to the dismay of Obama’s advocates in the media, the White House knew all along that their line about keeping your beloved private insurance was . . . well, it was less than honest. (Can I call him a liar without getting audited?) He also knew that tens of millions would remain without coverage, and that the system will be exploited and underfunded within a few short years of implementation. In fact, he is counting on it.

The White House is already taking swings at those “greedy” and “evil” private insurers who are dumping people’s coverage; seemingly glossing over the fact that his law’s mandates are the motivating factor behind the actions of the insurers. The episodic failure of America’s dabbling in socialistic medicine will not be portrayed – if left up to this White House and their advocates in the press – as vindication of the program’s critics.

What NBC, disillusioned Democrat staffers, ideological college students, and coastal liberals failed to acknowledge was the one truth most other Americans recognized about Obama from day one:

Every sentence that he reads from the official White House teleprompter ends not with a period, but with an asterisk. Unfortunately, while critics of Obamacare have been trying to yell out the fine print for five years, most of the megaphones, microphones and cameras in this country were too focused on Obama’s loophole rhetoric.

So, welcome back to reality, NBC. (Even if your visit is temporary.)

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