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Someone had to tell the rest of the crowd: don't celebrate Trump's indictment. And that crowd is entirely comprised of liberals. 

MSNBC host Jen Psaki, Biden's press secretary in a previous life, offered a lengthy comment about how Democrats shouldn't even touch this story. Avoid the celebratory antics and channel your inner Joe Biden, who is smartly keeping his mouth shut about this whole matter. The prosecutorial overreach is irritating, along with the overt political bias. Still, the coyness displayed by the left is the runner-up in the cacophony of nonsense that will come barreling out of this trainwreck legal circus. 

You all know this: of course, the left hopes this indictment helps Trump get renominated; he's the guy they want the most to be Biden's 2024 opponent. 

It's not something many want to accept or even consider, but I'm not nearly as confident Trump can knock off Biden should there be a rematch. I'll still vote for him with gusto if he's the nominee. Still, for all the mental degradation we see from this White House, too many voters see Trump as a vehicle for chaos, despite the popularity of his legislative agenda. Paradoxes litter the political landscape—this is one of them. Voters may like Trump's legislative action items, but they don't like him personally, and the latter will always overwhelm the former. 

The 2022 midterms were a canary in the coal mine. We have an economy in recession, rising crime, and working families being hamstrung by high inflation. The climate should have been a red tsunami, and the GOP barely retook the House. The ship was sinking, the house was on fire—and voters still opted to keep the party that has presided over this fiasco in charge. Why? The GOP was seen as too susceptible to Trump's undisciplined style of governance. 

I disagree, but I'm also a partisan; I will vote Republican, no matter what. After three election cycles, it's become clear that there is a voter wall that will prevent Trump from winning again. Now, even with the banking system rocked by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and other economic shortfalls on the horizon—I doubt this will shake the will of the American people enough to give Trump another chance. 

We saw this with the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race. Voters there sent a man who was visibly unhealthy and incapable of doing the job to Washington. It didn't take long for Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) to be hospitalized, and there was a litany of incidents where his mental health was shown to be terrible. The man suffered a severe stroke before the Democratic primaries, almost killing him. He should have dropped out and focused on his recovery but didn't; he could be saddled with permanent brain damage. Still, despite all these mental health issues, Fetterman beat the Republican nominee, Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

Democrats must be jumping for glee that the Trump indictment will energize the base around him, and Trump could very well use this legal entanglement, which will last a couple of years, to catapult him to the 2024 nomination. But what's next? Who will work for this man is another issue since everyone who might be interested will be scared off, thanks to the serial witch hunts the Department of Justice initiates against those in Trump's orbit. From Mike Flynn to Paul Manafort's lawyer, the DOJ will find some way to engulf these people in an investigation. It's not worth it, especially if you don't have the funds to pay for a prolonged legal dispute. 

Yet, these are things that can be reconsidered later. For now, the coy nature of Democrats not popping champagne over Trump's indictment is a new layer of exasperation we'll have to deal with because they, as do we, know the political implications of this Stormy Daniels porn payments saga. 



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