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Bud Light, Lenin, and Marx, Part Two

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Karl Marx (who didn’t understand the first principles of history) opined that “scientific socialism” (he knew less about science) was the wave of the future.  The “proletariat” (“workers of the world”) would rise up and overthrow their “capitalist” oppressors and usher in a Golden Age of communism where the government (the tool of capitalists to oppress the proletariat) would eventually disappear due to socialist egalitarianism.  The government would no longer be necessary, see, because everybody would be so happy with what they had that they wouldn’t want what anybody else had.  Marx didn’t understand human nature, either, but he was the world’s most influential man in the last century.


Things haven’t gone exactly as Marx prognosticated. Still, his disciples haven’t given up, using whatever tools available (climate change, racism, Covid-19, overpopulation, the WEF, ad infinitum) to bring about the one world government that Marx said would eventually voluntarily close its doors (can you imagine ANY politician voluntarily giving up power?) so that capitalist oppression would cease.  Just ask the people in, wait a minute, scratch that last sentence.  Not only is Marxism buffoonery, but the people who believe it are fools.  Or dupes.  Or just not very smart.  Well, it is a lovely idea, I guess, but wholly devoid of any historical, scientific, economic, or practical knowledge or wisdom.  The only reason it has ever even gotten to first base is that Western intellectuals have booted God off His throne (remember that statement) and are desperate to bring an earthly Utopia to mankind to replace the heaven they no longer believe in.  People who know a little bit of history and human nature know better than to believe Marx.  But people who love power love the system.  Hence, the current Democratic Party in America.

In my first article in this series, I shared some quotations from Vladimir Lenin, one of Marx’s most devoted followers.  Here I want to quote The Man Himself (Marx) and let readers ponder his mental state.  These quotes are as atrocious as expected.  Compare them with America today and what the Democrats are doing in our country.


A random sampling of Marx:

1. “Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.”  Marx may not have understood history, but he did understand its importance of it.  When “scholars” in the United States say that 1619 is a more important date than 1776, they are following Marx’s dictum here to the letter.  Historically illiterate people are, indeed, extremely easy to control because they can be taught anything, and they will believe it.

2. “Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded.”  This is similar to the first quote.  Americans are Americans not primarily because they were born in America but because of their history, culture, and heritage.  Destroy those things, as Marx insisted be done, and you have destroyed America.  The populous can be “more easily persuaded” to become whatever their “leaders” want them to become.  Our Leftist intellectual class knows Marx very well.

3. “My object is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.”  I advised the reader earlier to remember my statement about Marxists having “booted God off His throne”.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that the Leftist Democratic Party is indeed attempting to destroy both all things Christian and all things capitalist.  Right out of Marx’s mouth.

4. “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”  Give your children to the government to educate.  If Leftists manage the education system, don’t be surprised if your children end up disbelieving in God, hating capitalism and America, and being “groomed” by perverted kindergarten teachers to deny their own God-given nature.  And eventually, you wake up and wonder what in the world happened to your kids.  Lenin concurred with Marx here (of course): “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  Your parents had better quit napping.


5. “Communism begins where atheism begins.”  Marx never spoke a greater truism than this.  And recall Lenin’s statement: “Hatred is the basis of communism.”  The essence of Christianity is love, rooted in a loving God.  What is the essence of atheism, and upon what foundation does it stand?  Marx and Lenin go hand-in-hand here.

Every communist country in the last 100 years has tried to destroy religion, or at least control it by government fiat, which amounts to the same thing.  Observe the USSR.  Communist China.  And the Democratic Party’s attempts to emasculate Christianity in America.  Anheuser-Busch uses a transgender deviant to advertise its beer, not because of a belief in “inclusion,” but because, being in the hands of Leftist ideologues, they want to spit in the face of Christianity, humiliate it, shut it up, and hope it will become powerless.  

Communism is atheism; communism is hate and has proved such by killing hundreds of millions of innocent people since the Russian Revolution began in 1917.  Many historians believed (it is disputed) that Marx wanted to dedicate the second volume of his massive economic tome, Das Kapital, to Charles Darwin, whose atheistic naturalistic theories provide “scientific” support for Marx’s historical dialectic.  Regardless, Marx’s assessment that “communism begins where atheism begins” has undoubtedly been born out over the past century and is clear evidence in America today.  Biden, Pelosi, and others of their ilk constantly shove their Leftist ideology above their “Catholic faith,” making them hypocrites at best and practical atheists at worst.  Practical atheism is no different from theoretical atheism and produces the same results.  If the Left grows stronger in America, we will see them become bolder in their declarations of atheism.  The number of resultant mass murders will depend entirely upon the rest of us and how well we keep our powder dry and defend our 2nd Amendment rights.


I’m not through with Marx.  More in a subsequent column.

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