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Mitt Romney is enjoying quite a successful week as President, a full seven months before officially taking office.  Presumptive President Romney made his first state visit this week to traditional ally Great Britain.  Prime Minister David Cameron, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and several other senior officials engaged Romney in the shared concerns of international terrorist threats. 
British leadership supplied their imminent American counterpart with a briefing from Sir John Sawers, Chief of Great Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service MI6.  Then, after providing the British administration with renewed hope in American resolve, Presumptive President Romney took in the pomp and circumstance of the opening ceremonies for the Games of the XXX (that would be “Thirtieth”) Olympiad, sharing the stadium with the Queen herself.

As his travel demands took him away from London for points east, Romney left behind sitting First Lady Michelle Obama to represent the United States as ambassador to the host country, interacting with athletes from around the globe. 
Unsure of how many more royal vacations are in store for her, Michelle Obama jumped at the chance.  While the tens of thousands of dollars needed for Romney’s trip were primarily funded by his own campaign, outgoing president Barack Obama, in awkward cooperation with the incoming president, smartly relied on the American People to pick up the enormous tab required for Michelle’s traveling entourage.

The next leg of the Presumptive President’s state visit will take him to Israel.  In an unprecedented maneuver, outgoing president Barack Obama quickly arranged for an enormous gift for his successor to personally deliver to the people of Israel.  Presumptive President Romney will arrive this weekend along with70 million American dollars to support the Jewish state’s military needs, freshly approved by Barack Obama who stayed home out of deference to his anticipated replacement commander-in-chief.

The primary purpose of the Presumptive President’s talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to repair the relationship with the Jewish state long before he is sworn in on January 20 of next year.  Outgoing President Obama has demonstrated proficient cooperation in transferring traditional Democratic Party allegiances to incoming Republican President Romney by alienating Jewish Americans at every opportunity. 
Outgoing President Obama has had to resort to pressuring Netanyahu to the notion of surrendering territory to the 1967 borders in order for Jewish American voters to finally take his anti-Israel positions seriously.

While Presumptive President Romney launches his foreign policy abroad, the outgoing president’s friends in the Democratically-controlled Senate are also helping to ensure that American voters back home are enthused at the upcoming change in White House personnel.  New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who serves as Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Shortsightedness, took action to block an attempt by China to purchase Canadian oil company Nexen. 
While China is brokering agreements that would re-route Canadian crude through pipelines to Chinese tankers on the west coast, the purchase of Nexen would also give them a strong presence in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.  The hope of the surrendering Democrats is to stall the purchase of Nexen long enough for incoming President Romney to authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline -- before China establishes itself as a dominant North American oil supplier.

But the final assurance that Barack Obama is looking forward to the transfer of power came from the outgoing President himself.  After forty-two months of dropping every hint imaginable, the President’s loyalists have relentlessly insisted that Barack Obama is not a socialist.  Frustrated with their refusal to accept reality, the outgoing president told the American Dream to its face that it does not exist.  As JFK will forever be known for, “Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson gave us, “Go where there is no path and leave a trail,” and as Martin Luther King’s inspirational words still call out, “I have a dream,” the outgoing President Barack Obama will forever be remembered for the deprecatory pronouncement, “You didn’t build that.”  That statement ought to shake loose every remaining red-blooded devotee, except of course those who have more faith in Barack Obama than they have in themselves.

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