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How in the hell could the administration of Penn State have stood by quietly while untold numbers of boys were viciously and selfishly violated by Jerry Sandusky?  I will tell you how.  

As Defensive Coordinator, Sandusky produced 10 first-team All-Americans.  He inspired bowl-game victories, established a foster care charity and received presidential and congressional recognition for the university.  In the twisted worldview of academe, esprit de corps ranked higher than the precious lives of dozens of awestruck children. Even the mob riot by students was in reaction to the firing of the head coach, rather than a repulsed response of abhorrence to the news of children being raped on campus by the former defensive coordinator.

And how in the hell are we not aggressively challenging the accusations of sexual harassment against presidential candidate Herman Cain?  
Anyone with a functioning moral compass will agree that sexual harassment is an unacceptable act that calls for justice.  And when I heard Sharon Bialek’s detailed accusation against Mr. Cain, my heart sank.  It appeared that a promising prospective candidate was being exposed for having character unfit for the office.  Then I learned that media wannabe Gloria Allred was behind Bialek’s claims.

It is commonly said that “Republicans eat their own.”  What I like about that reputation is that there is an expected, albeit unwritten, moral standard.  Everyone falls short of perfect, as it turns out.  But, when someone with aspirations has proven himself to be a cad, we don’t want him.  Herman Cain said that he would subject himself to a lie detector.  I am rather looking for his accusers to subject themselves to a lie detector.  This is immensely serious, having impacts of historical proportions.

Every American born before 1970 should remember the assault on the character of Clarence Thomas during the confirmation hearings on his way to becoming Supreme Court Justice.  Justice Thomas provides exemplary wisdom in his adherence to the original intent of the Constitution.  Harry Jaffa, famous historian and distinguished fellow of the Claremont Institute, calls Clarence Thomas the most sterling of the current justices and “the lone defender of the Jeffersonian-Lincoln understanding of natural rights on the Supreme Court.”

It would have been a screaming travesty if the liberal assailants had been successful in that first battle in their war against black conservatives seeking to hold public office.  Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a conservative black himself said of liberal attacks against Herman Cain, “Merely defeating a black conservative at the polls or at confirmation hearings is not enough. He must be destroyed as an influence in the future — and character assassination is the most obvious way to do it.”

If Herman Cain is a lying skirt chaser, we want to know it now.  But if his accusers are merely trying to prevent a black conservative from becoming the president, they should be convicted of treason and spend the rest of their days in a ten-by-ten room of regret.

And how in the hell have we allowed our nation to be ruled by the tyranny of the judiciary?  The Denver Post was candidly accurate with its titling of an article posted late Thursday, “District judge sides with Democrats in setting congressional districts for next 10 years.”  

I have long referred to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “Senator Ginsburg” due to her proclivity for legislating from the bench.  As of November 10, I am pinning that title to Denver District Judge Robert Hyatt.  I sat in Senator Hyatt’s witness box last month during my testimony as a plaintiff in the court case that became necessary for determining the new congressional district maps for Colorado.  At the time, Senator Hyatt seemed a reasonable and interested gentleman.  It turns out that he was just clocking in daily and wasting the contributions of scores of erudite citizens with no intention of ruling according to statute and the facts submitted.  The map that he selected, handed to him by the Democratic Party in the final days of the hearings, ignores the spirit and letter of every objective codified in the resolutions from the state legislature.  Senator Hyatt passed his legislation on Colorado’s new Democratic-favored Congressional boundaries in a 1-to-null decision.

It is my strong recommendation that the Colorado State Republican Party appeal Senator Hyatt’s ruling to the State Supreme Court.  And once that matter is settled in final, I can imagine no other responsible action than to pursue the impeachment of Senator (Judge) Hyatt.  His selfish priorities of partisan advantage over judicial discernment have earned him a very public, dishonorable discharge.

I applaud the Penn State Board of Trustees for cleaning out everyone who was unwilling to call evil evil. I am impressed that they fired their legendary football coach and the university president for choosing silence over mercy for nine long years. They set an example for the rest of the nation. To tolerate an unholy alliance toward accomplishing a desired outcome is itself evil. 

As for the liars, cheaters and gerrymanderers of American history -- Well the only hands that I see under someone else’s clothing are the left-wing puppet masters whose hands are up the backs of yellow journalists and boughtout judges. 
I strongly suspect that Herman Cain is the gentleman whom we always thought he was.  And partisan justices are exactly the kind of turn-coat jerks that the writers of the United States Constitution warned us about.

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