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Young Conservatives: The Hushed Future

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Young conservatives have managed to create a social media empire, yet the mainstream media continues to report as though they are non-existent.

As a young conservative, there is nothing more frustrating than to turn on a major news network and hear adult, political pundits ramble about what it is the youth want in this country. These pundits sit there on television making broad based assumptions about the youth, without ever asking young conservatives what their opinions are on political issues of the day.


For example, the day that Governor Romney announced Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick, Fox News’ Bret Baier asked the question, “Will Ryan affect the youth vote?” Great question, but why was an adult asked this? That question would have been a fantastic opportunity to talk to a young conservative and ask them what their thoughts were and how they thought their peers would lean; it would have been more accurate also. But in typical mainstream fashion, they chose to ignore the youth.

It’s no lie that Fox News and most of the mainstream media attract older generations over younger, but why is there no effort to improve the viewership among young people? Though the current Fox News’ shows have great ratings, eventually they will have to pass the torch onto the next generation. But unless they start building relationships now, and begin to train the youth, there will be no one standing on the side lines, ready to take over, when the time comes.

Due to a lack of coverage of young conservatives, many Americans have been led to believe that they are few and far between, which then gives the mainstream media an excuse not to pursue them. But if there is one thing I have learned over the last year in politics, it is that young conservatives are everywhere; they’re just looking for a stage to make their voices heard.


The amount of young conservatives, who have created their own blogs, podcasts and even their own organizations are incredible. They have stood up for their future, and yet, most people have no idea they exist, because the mainstream media will not give them the time of day.

I spoke to several young conservatives who have experienced firsthand the frustration that comes with being ignored by the mainstream media. Here’s what they had to say:

“Too often I hear people over sixty talking about how young people are feeling in this election… We are vastly underrepresented which is a direct correlation to the political efficacy our generation feels.” – Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA

“When fiscal & social issues are debated over social media, a generation such as ours has no escape and must take a side. The beauty of this situation is the fact that so many of our generation have sided with reasonable and logical solutions. That scares an establishment.” -- Tanner Brumbarger, Creator of The High School Conservative

“Thanks in large part to government schools and parental abdication, many in this generation are growing up today having been taught what to think instead of how to think, but thankfully, some of today's youth are realizing how important political involvement is- and how dangerous America's current path is. These are the youth that Americans en masse need to hear from. Maybe, if the media will give attention to young people who are doing just that, it will bring the youth of America one step closer to the realization that political involvement isn't just for their grandparents." – Gabriel Hudelson, Creator of All Authority

"According to the narrative, inaccurately described by the mainstream media, young people are coming out in droves in support of Barack Obama. But in actuality, the president is slowly losing the youth’s support. By eliminating young, conservative thought, the media pushes this narrative, when really the conservative movement is alive in the younger demographic. It is frustrating to feel like you're voice is not heard, but it's also valuable to realize that if the mainstream media ignores young conservatives, they'll never see us coming." – Amy Lutz, Creator of Young Federalist

“I hear the media discuss how the youth in America is an important factor in this upcoming election and in this country's future, yet they hardly ever give us a voice. When they do allow us to publicly speak, it is for a very limited amount of time. Our future of success, posterity, and our well-being is affected by the government. It is only fair that we deserve to have a voice as well.” – Caiden Cowger, Creator of Cowger Nation


The upsurge of young conservatives in the political sphere is making it tougher to be ignored. It’s now time for the mainstream media to give them a platform to make their voices heard.

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