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De Pasquale’s Dozen with Author and Fox News Host Andrea Tantaros

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the success of Fox News and Fox Business is its embrace of strong women hosts and contributors. Unlike other networks, “fair and balanced” at the Fox networks doesn’t just refer to demographics, but also to their outspoken and varying viewpoints. I’d list all the amazing women, but there would be no room to focus on this week’s interviewee, Andrea Tantaros!

Tantaros is best known for cohosting Outnumbered and The Five. Additionally, she’s worked in radio, on political campaigns, on Capitol Hill, and as a columnist for New York Daily News. Her successful career makes her uniquely qualified to tackle the bogus promises of radical feminists. 
We can see with our own eyes than women can do and be anything. In her new book out today, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable, Tantaros writes, “While I’m truly thankful for this array of choices – far more than my mom could have ever imagined – nobody told us that there would be consequences. It almost seemed like we were duped, or unintentionally misled at best.”
In Tied Up in Knots, Tantaros explores the promises of 60s and 70s feminism, the effect it had on our parents, and the consequences for our generation and future generations of women. We were told traditional gender roles should be ignored, which led to blurred lines and failed “starter” marriages. We were told motherhood wasn’t as important as our careers, which led to heartbreaking stories of single women and couples desperate for IVF and adoption miracles. 
Some of my first published articles in Washington D.C. (nearly 17 years ago – yikes!) was about the damage feminism has done to young women. Unfortunately, it is getting worse.  Feminists permeate all levels of education and mainstream media. Tantaros is doing a huge service to women by speaking the truth about the damage feminism has done and how women can get back on the path of happiness and personal fulfillment free from feminists’ grip.

The De Pasquale's Dozen asks political figures and free market-minded writers and entertainers to take a break from politics and talk about their pop culture obsessions.

1. What's your favorite movie line? 
"Just keep swimming." (Finding Nemo)
2. Tell me about your favorite teacher and how he or she influenced your life. 
Mr. Chuck Tannery. I had him in 7th grade and I was lucky enough to have him teach me honors English again senior year of high school. He's the reason I learned to love writing. I could dish it out when I was 13, and he dished it right back with an equally biting wit. It was fun. 
3. If you could be paid to do anything besides your current job, what would it be?  
Broadway dancer. 
4. What canceled show would you put back on the air? 
Well, definitely not the Cosby Show. I'd have to say Melrose Place. (Don't judge me).
5. What's your favorite meal to make for someone special? 
I make my beloved a Greek lasagna (pastistou) that knocks his socks off. 
6. What’s the best present you ever received as a child? 
Great memories. And my college tuition. Being able to start my career with no student loan debt was one of the greatest gifts my parents ever gave me. 
7. What’s the best present you ever gave? 
My heart.
8. What advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? 
"Adversity never leaves you where it finds you," my Mom always told me. 
9. What male guest who has never been on would you like to see on Outnumbered? 
I answered Antonin Scalia the last time I was asked this question. Hard to think of a replacement. 
10. What books are on your reading list? 
Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler. Lifting some of the language for my next book, a memoir. Just kidding. (Not really).
11. What would you like tomorrow's headline to say? 
Obama's Last Day in Office 
12. Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena. 
It felt like checking in at Hotel California. I hope I'm wrong.

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