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No, my bingo card did not have Generation Z embracing the wit and wisdom of Osama bin Laden, but it probably should have. After all, when you conceive of the stupidest possible leftist flex these days, that flex is likely to eventually come true – hell, I have a series of eight People’s Republic conservative action novels that conceive of some of the stupidest conceivable leftist flexes, and they are all coming true.


Osama bin Laden‘s ravings about how Israel is bad and America is worse, or vice versa, have hit a chord among recently-born TikTok viewers. Osama’s Been Litup’s rants have it all – claims of nefarious Jewish influence, complaints about evil capitalists, and whining like a little girl about Americans and Israelis fighting back against sociopathic Jihadi scumbags who go on murder sprees. This nonsense is supposed to provide “context” for 9/11, and to have further applicability to the current elimination of Hamas. What it actually provides is more reason for us to ignore young people and to ban China’s malevolent TikTok malware.

There’s no question about who was right and who was wrong regarding 9/11. It pains me to have to point this out, but the guys who flew airplanes full of innocent people into major buildings on our East Coast were the bad guys. They were terrorists. They were not misunderstood. They did not make some valid points. You do not gotta hand it to them.

Normal people are disgusted by mass murders like 9/11. Now, you might wonder why these kids aren’t repelled and disgusted by 9/11, but then you will remember that they were raised by other moral morons. Megyn Kelly had a long and potent tweet just lambasting parents who failed to teach their children about the basic moral calculus regarding terrorists versus normal people. These PINOs – parents in name only – along with the schools, have failed to teach moral literacy, the basic ability to discern right from wrong and good from evil. Hence, a generation of moral illiterates.


And it’s not that hard. Here’s a cheat sheet – going out and raping and murdering people at a rave, bad. Hunting down and blowing into pieces people who go out and rape and murder people at a rave, good.

Being a terrorist is wrong. Being a savage is wrong. Being a barbarian is wrong. But fighting back against them is not wrong. Fighting back against them is a moral obligation and a solid moral good. That’s true even when you have to hurt innocent people while doing it. The business of defending civilization is messy, and “war is hell” is not just a cliché but a fact. Today, all we hear about is the collateral damage levied upon those whom the terrorists hid around. Well, it happens, and it’s legitimate. The fact that killing terrorists means also killing those the terrorists hide behind does not give the enemy a Get-Out-Of-Being-Killed-Free card. Their cowardice does not get to define the scope of our retribution and, to Israel’s credit, it has not. The law of war certainly does not say so. The fact that killing enemy combatants means killing enemy civilians is absolutely within the law of war as it actually reads, and not as some blue-haired 23-year-old with daddy issues says it reads on Twitter. 

It is morally correct for the good guys to destroy enemies who seek to destroy the good guys and, unfortunately, the people the bad guys choose to be around. The 9/11 terrorists were trash, and America was right to go across the ocean and kill just about everybody who had anything to do with 9/11, just as Israel is avenging 10/7. Put aside this “forever wars” hack cliché – that a war was mishandled by our totally incompetent establishment and our inept elite does not make the original purpose wrong. The Afghanistan War morphed beyond its proper scope as a merciless punitive expedition designed to extract bloody vengeance upon the savages into some sort of ridiculous nation-building exercise among people who were utterly unable to be a nation. It was right and proper to kill the people who killed our people. It was right to kill them in huge heaps, just like it would be right today to go kill the Hamas vermin ourselves – if our participation would not get in the Israelis’ way – for daring to kill and kidnap American citizens. 


There is nothing moral about stopping the war on Hamas. The only moral course of action is to wipe out every single Hamas terrorist. For the freaks screaming about a ceasefire – and putting aside the Hamas mass murder spree that started this off broke a prior ceasefire – here’s a suggestion. Tell your Hamas buddies to surrender. That would end it. But the freaks won’t ever do that because they do not want peace. They want a Hamas victory. Well, decent people want an Israeli victory, and there should be no ceasefire until every single Hamas scumbag is in chains or in a bag.

Moral clarity is the understanding that good and evil are constantly struggling and that good must fight to win. The morally illiterate will object that this is a black-and-white view. Yes, because, like with gender, morality is binary. There is good, and there is evil, and there is no good/evil equivalent of trans or two-spirit. You should always choose good. But to be on the side of good and actually enforce good requires hard men and women. You have to do hard things. You have to kill people and break things. 

The idea that we are obligated to call a time-out every time the terrorists’ actions put a noncombatant at risk is tactical and moral nonsense. It’s like pacifism. It’s moral posturing by jerks made possible only by other people who are willing to fight. You wouldn’t have a single pacifist left if it weren’t for the hard men and women who are ready to kill the people who the pacifist wants us to roll over for. That’s because the pacifists would be murdered by the people they are being pacific toward. This wailing and gnashing of teeth about Gaza is all a cheap indulgence of safe children and political voguing – strike a pose; there’s nothing to it!


So if you come across some Gen Z idiot who suggests that maybe Osama bin Laden had a point, you need to tell that person that he or she or whatever stupid pronoun he or she has adopted is being an idiot. Osama bin Laden is a terrorist. Robert O’Neill was right to put bullets in his face after the creep cowered behind his family when 5.56mm justice came for him. That good is not aesthetically pleasing does not make it evil. The destruction of evil is the only possible moral choice. Anyone who thinks differently needs to grow up.

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