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The whole abortion thing kind of baffles me because it is absolutely bizarre that anyone would choose this particular hill to die on or, rather, to kill a bunch of babies on. From a utilitarian angle, it's certainly not a great banner to be carrying because most normal people consider the whole thing horribly distasteful and frankly don't want to think about it. Ideologically, liberals could have gone either way. It's not like they believe in anything. It's not like they had to choose to defend abortion instead of opposing it. They have no problem telling people what they can and can't do as a principle. So why did libs choose pro instead of con? 


It's not about freedom. They're against that. And it's not about some sort of highfalutin' commitment to "bodily integrity." These are the same people who wanted you to be a testbed for every potion and poultice Pfizer and the rest of the Big Pharma folks created to address a somewhat more dangerous strain of the flu. If you didn't inject it, you were a bad person of badness and you should be thrown out of your job, denied schooling, and possibly even jailed. Also, wear your mask. So, if it's bodily integrity that's the foundational principle, it's a pretty damn shaky foundation. 

So what is it?

Maybe it's the feminist angle. They hate babies because normal women like them, so there's that. It's not particularly reasonable to assume that this was some sort of response to a looming threat that you might get pregnant and have no other options other than to, you know, kill your baby. After all, it's pretty easy to avoid getting pregnant. You can use birth control, which is ubiquitous. Or you can choose not to have sex, which appears to be the choice forced upon a lot of the weirdos, losers, and mutations who are most active in this hideous movement. 

This raises a sensitive point, and it might seem uncharitable, but looking at the videos and social media posts of the loudest pro-aborts (Warning: Not Safe for Pre-Dinner Viewing), I guess the most kindly way to put it is that the people most concerned about abortion are the ones with the least personal stake in it. Every once in a while, you get some basic but conventionally attractive actress or singer who sounds off with the prog talking points, but most of these people are whatever the opposite of nubile is. 


A lot of them are old. I mean, Taylor Lorenz old. I mean, even if she could find a man willing to do the Fang Fang bang bang, many are far past menopause, and it's not like a lot of these cat ladies are going to breed should they meet the blind and deaf man of their dreams. So there's not a lot in it for them. 

And a lot of the younger, theoretically fertile ones are pretty rough, by which I mean really ugly. Just take a look at some of the videos from these protests. That's a salty-looking crew. There are a lot of people of heft. There are a lot who have marred their largely butt-white bodies with stupid tattoos. Piercings are de rigueur, and if you stand them in line all together, their hair makes a pride flag. You get the impression that these are the people who went off to college and then came home at Thanksgiving with a nose ring to shock their parents. 

Maybe that's what they're trying to do, shock us. You know, if you shout your abortion, normal people are going to look at you as some sort of freak of nature. This is because if you shout your abortion, you are a freak of nature. What the hell is wrong with you? But this would not be the first time in human history when people degraded themselves in order to punish the people they are mad at. 

It's unclear whether it's abortion itself or some greater psychodrama that they are playing out. Regardless, they've chosen this is their issue, their obsession, their fetish. Now, having a legal background, I can look at decisions like Roe and Casey and the ridiculous dissent in Dobbs and see that there's no legal reasoning there. These are not legal decisions. Oh, they're set forth in the format of a legal decision. They look like one from a distance, but what they are are long dissertations that basically come out to a bunch of feelz. 


We feelz like abortion is good, so it's got to be in the Constitution even if it's not. And if you disagree, you want to make us handmaids. 

I mean, if you want to find a constitutional right, I don't think it's too much to expect that you actually find one rather than just assume one. Of course, playing founding documents Mad Libs with the Constitution is a specialty of the left. For instance, they found abortion in the Constitution lurking behind those penumbras and emanations, but they can't seem to find the right to keep and bear arms even in the sentence that says you've got a right to keep and bear arms. 

I don't think they care about abortion per se. They certainly don't care about women's lives. Oh, they say they do, but people say lots of things that aren't so. Liberals say they care about gun crime, but they won't prosecute people for gun crimes in the cities that they run. Liberals say they care about minorities, but they let criminals in minority communities run wild, murder at will and do nothing. They certainly don't care about the women raped and murdered by the criminals that Democrat prosecutors refuse to prosecute. They talk about caring, but it's all talk. 

I think they just have to be upset about something, and a half-century ago, it became abortion. Abortion attacks the family, attacks the natural status of mothers and offends normal people. Heck, it's got it all. The pro-abortion movement is really just a rebellious teenage girl trying to show daddy what for. 


And now they have a problem. The problem is that there really is no problem anymore. Justice Alito solved it. Go deal with abortion in your state. The red states are going to ban it or limit it. The blue states are going to enact 365-day-per-year hunting seasons for fetuses. And then it's going to be done. Except for some election action at the margins, the abortion issue has been solved for the first time in 50 years. Some places aren't going to have it, some will have it a little, and some will have it all the time. So what the hell are these losers going to get obsessed with next? 

I don't know, but watch out for your kids.  

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