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The Democrats Have a Huge Problem

Posted: May 06, 2022 9:00 PM
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The Democrats Have a Huge Problem

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The big news of the day is, whatever happened to Roe v. Wade?

Two days ago, it was a giant news thing, and now people are like, "Eh, what else you got?" Now, Democrats are still foaming at the mouth – mutants, weirdos, losers, mutations. The only people who care about this stuff anymore are freaks and weirdos. Most Americans are having to show up at the gas station and have a notary there so that they can complete their mortgage paperwork to get a tank of gas. They really don't care if someone really, really wants an abortion. Democrats thought they were going to surf this into a victory in November, they really thought they were going to turn around Joe Biden's disastrous ratings. The Democrats are completely screwed.