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Timothy A. Clary/Pool Photo via AP

There’s something so satisfying about seeing liberals in a sissy slap fight with other liberals – you just want to grab up a bowl of popcorn, pop some frosty brews, and egg them on. The good news is that there’s going to be more of this coming because of the nature of the Democrat coalition – it is less an ideological alliance than a bunch of interest groups united by their shared perception that the GOP is against what is in their respective interests. When their interests collide, which they will necessarily do, then the fun begins.


Look at Washington, where the caucus kept in line by the Scat Francisco dominatrix is falling apart before our eyes. Remember Bart Stupak? No, he’s not some Reno Buick dealer. He’s nobody anymore, and he’s nobody anymore because he listened to Nancy Pelosi a bit over a decade ago and voted for Obamacare even though his congressional district was not down with the sickness. As a result, in 2010, the Republicans took the socialized medicine votes of “moderate” Dems like Bart Stupak and used them as an electoral suppository. And, not to carry the analogy too far, dozens of moderate Democrats like Bart Stupak were expelled from Congress in figuratively Swalwellian/Nadlarian glory.

No one wants to be 2022’s Bart Stupak, but the inexplicably rich Speaker is still trying to get the nervous swing district Dems to dive on the grenade and vote for the trillions in spending that nobody in their purple districts wants. Safely ensconced in her commie hellhole by the Bay, she’s perfectly willing to let these blue dogs fight to the last drop of their blue blood for her pinko priorities. But this time, they don’t seem quite as willing to commit ritual suicide so the brother-marrying progs don’t have a meltdown as the Stupakers were in 2009.

This means Joe Biden is at grave risk of seeing his entire agenda go down at flames. This does not mean that he is at grave risk of realizing that what he is seeing is his entire agenda going down in flames because he is manifestly senile, but that’s another column.


Just watching Manchin and Sinema mock Schumer, who (as Hugh Hewitt noted) is desperate to ward off a primary challenge from up-talking, irony-free socialista AOC, restores one’s faith in cosmic justice. The libs are furious that Joe Manchin is ruining their party – it’s awesome. And their fussy threats are even more precious. Yeah, someone’s going to successfully primary Manchin from the left in West Virginia, right after the Boy Scouts let the Lincoln Project be honorary jamboree co-sponsors.  

That Schumer and Pelosi are not feared like they should be by their own caucus is delightful. Mitch McConnell is feared by his caucus, and rightly so. And he’s playing this masterfully. Yeah, we have our own fights – including Trump’s silly campaign against McConnell, who is indisputably the most effective legislative knife fighter in generations. The guy drives me nuts too – his insurrection whining was stupid and lame – but no one wrecks the Dems’ dreams like the Murder Turtle. He just threw a Baby Ruth bar in the Capitol Hill pool by refusing to help raise the debt ceiling – the Dems have a majority, so it’s their problem. Of course, the Dems don’t want to do it because it looks bad – they want GOP cover. Mitch refuses to provide it, which is chum in the water to another Dem feeding frenzy.

It’s glorious.

Oh, and the Dems want to increase state and local tax deductions in their “infrastructure” bill, which I love – as a blue state lawyer, ka-ching! The Trader Joe’s demo will be psyched – the rest of their coalition, which gets to subsidize coastal elites, not so much. Please, give tax breaks to the rich! This is great on every level.


The border nightmare is fantastic too, except for all the human tragedy. The Dem coalition includes rich limo libs who get the moral preening benefit (and, they hope, the votes) while American minorities pick up the tab. A long-standing Dem town just elected a GOP mayor largely because half of Guatemala is cutting through their county. Larry Elder improved on Trump’s already improved numbers with minorities. And the lib Dems can’t back down and shut off the border spigot – it’s racist!

Also racist – vaccine mandates! According to numbers the lib media refuses to report, the biggest group of vaccine skeptics is not those science-hating Trump people. It’s minorities, who frankly have a really good reason for not trusting government doctors who assure them everything is on the up and up. It doesn’t help when rich jerks at the Emmys or on Martha’s Vineyard party maskless while demanding you gag your kid – or not allow your kid to go to school at all.

So, when the Karen Caucus of libidinally unsatiated cat ladies get their vaccine passport requirements of their dreams, the hardest hit is…minorities! Put that in your Ibram X. Kendi commemorative pipe and smoke it, ladies!

The brawl and resulting BLM protest at the NYC Italian place was only the beginning. We’ll see more and more battles between these elements of the Dem coalition, and we need to do as Mitch does and stay out of it. Let them pummel each other. Let them rip each other apart. Let them fight!


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