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The polls are all over the place, to the extent they are any more able to tell the future than Big Chief Liz Warren is when she goes into a sweat lodge with some peyote to get in touch with the Great Sky Spirit. Is Trump in trouble or triumphing? The answer is “Yes.” And what about those Pulitzer Prizes? The media sure is proud of itself and one wonders why. Also, something interesting is in the works if you enjoy my columns, so brace yourself as we VIP this mess around!

Is Trump Doomed?

No, of course not. But he’s on less solid ground than a month ago – maybe. Look, there are dozens of polls and they are mostly looking bad for The Donald. But then, they are almost always looking bad for The Donald, as the sweet, hilarious tears of a thousand broken saps sobbing at the humiliating defeat of Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit show. Almost – apparently, at the same time America is swooning over the crotchety antics of Grandpa Badfinger – Gallup has Trump at his highest approval ever. So what’s the deal?

You just cannot rely on the polls. I wish you could. I like objective metrics. But objective metrics are not a thing anymore and we have to look at other factors.

The recovery from the pangolin grippe is going to be key. While blue check Twitter is wailing that Trump has blood on his hands because a bunch of commies bit bats, normal people are still remaining pretty mellow. But only to a point. This has to end, and while the Democrat fascist Karens are trying their best to keep this nightmare going, it is ending. Outside of the People's Republic, in the Free States, America is opening up. The Dem govs keeping it closed are getting the heat. No one in my beach town is complaining about Trump. It’s all on Governor Gavin “Don Jr. Stole My Girl Waaaaaaaaa!” Newsom. 

Advantage Trump.

I think once this idiocy ends, we will rebound like a rocket. That’s good.

And it’s good for Trump that Gropey Joe is having his girl troubles. The #MeToo hypocrisy is hard to hide, and Hoover’s dad’s big selling point was the vaunted “return to normalcy.” The last thing he needs is drama, whether from Tara Reade or his loser son’s stripper baby mama.

China will be a huge issue, and as an establishment Dem, Biden is all up in there with the ChiComs. Trump has a track record of confronting the eastern menace, while Biden’s coke-addled son did deals with them. That’s a problem. And Trump is going to spend the next six months shouting it from his bullhorn.

People are not paying attention to the election yet, and while Trump is out there in our faces daily, Senile J is hiding out in his basement being super-selective with access. Of course, he went on Scarborough’s show to talk about how he treated his ex-employee Tara Reade. Mr. Mika is the only person in media whose young female staffers have less happy outcomes than his.

Those are a few initial thoughts, but the bottom line is this. This election has not even started yet. We are six months out. People have not begun to think seriously about it. When they do, they will have to decide whether they want a guy with a track record of success, or a handsy old coot, in the White House.

I wish the polls were better, but I think we’re good to go for the moment.

The Pulitzer Prize Joke

You know, if the media keeps giving itself Pulitzer Prizes it’s likely to go blind. 

It’s hard to think of any other bunch of pretentious hacks who have appreciated each other so excessively with so little basis in reality. In the 1930s, Walter Duranty got the Pulitzer for his Stalin-slobbering cover-up of the Ukrainian famine. The Pulitzer committee, shamed into confronting its high five to a genocide-denier, admitted the guy was full of it and still refused to pull back the NYT’s prize over his lies. See, because the motto “All the news that’s fit to print” really means “All the news that fits our commie-appeasing narrative.”

In recent years, we also saw the Russia hoax get prizes. I’m sure another sorry/not sorry will be forthcoming in 50 years. 

And this time they awarded one for the 1619 series of articles in which the Times reached peak white lib guilt by trying to convert the basis of America’s founding into slavery. Even liberal academics found this garbage hard to swallow, and we know how eager they are to swallow garbage. There was a huge outcry by people who put history above ideology and pointed out the massive fraud this all was. But the Pulitzer Prize committee wasn’t going to let itself be bound by constraints like “accuracy” and “truth.” No, the narrative had to be upheld, even if the narrative was baloney.

We’re supposed to be impressed by the Pulitzers, I suppose. But the only thing that impresses me about them is how these hacks manage to keep a straight face.

Something Cool Coming Up

Well, I’ve got another project out there coming in early July. It involves something cool and may include me showing up places to do things, if America ever becomes free again so that I can travel without covering my mug like some suburban bandito. So, watch this space.

In the meantime, if Trump loses you can say “Hi” to the dystopian leftist future portrayed in my latest conservative action novel, Collapse and the rest of the series, People's RepublicIndian Country, and Wildfire! And you Townhall Gold VIP members should check out my Thursday night chats with Larry O’Connor and Chris Stigall (Caution: Not safe for work or anywhere else), get my podcast, “Unredacted” every Monday, and also get my free Hugh Hewitt-affiliated Salem podcast, “Fighting Words” on Wednesdays!

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