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Will Trump Go Sloppy and Soft on Illegal Immigration?

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I am absolutely delighted at the fake outrage over Donald Trump correctly assessing much of the Third World as a “Schumerhole.” It’s about time we had some real talk about immigration. For decades, the open borders establishment has tried to blind us with a blizzard of deceptive euphemisms designed to hide the truth. “Dreamers.” “Undocumented workers.” “Nation of immigrants.” Enough!

It’s all a scam designed to allow liberals to shut you up when you raise questions about why we should let our nation be flooded by outsiders – any questions. And they don’t even pretend to be coherent. One day we’re monsters for wanting to send illegals back where they belong, and the next we’re monsters for accurately describing the places they came from. We wonder why, if those Third World wonderlands totally aren’t what Trump said they are, their residents so eager to leave – and not to go back once they get here? And if Dreamers were wonderful hard workers who contribute so, so very much, why can’t they do all that contributing back where they came from?

Sheesh. Can you hacks please settle on a consistent narrative? It’s getting so it hard to even know which lie we’re being told without a program.

Apparently, now we are morally obligated to lie too. Remember, the s-hole furor isn’t because Trump was wrong. It was because he was indisputably right, but no one is supposed to say that because the truth doesn’t fit today’s narrative.

Well, it’s well past time to toss the narrative down what Trump said.

Part of the reason for the freakoutrage over Trump saying out loud what everyone knows, especially those of us who have spent significant time is the scuzzy corners of the globe, is because he came off looking too darn good at his telecast bipartisan meeting. Where was the dementia-addled half-wit of Michael Wolff’s book and a dozen long-distance diagnoses from #resist shrinks all hoping for a 25th Amendment Hail Mary?

Trump looked in charge and open to negotiation – he looked positively presidential. Gosh, they sure couldn’t let that image – or all the reports of companies issuing bonuses because of tax reform – monopolize the coverage. The media and the establishment needed a new crisis to change the discussion before Good Trump made a lasting impression on the masses.

So this comment got leaked by some Democrat or maybe by some Republican – when it comes to dealing with immigration, it’s often hard to tell the difference. After all, they share the same ultimate objective, if not the same motive. Democrats want to import a new electorate to replace the one that isn’t psyched to turn America into the same kind of socialist you-know-what that the illegals escaped from. The Republicans just want more servile workers to toil in the fluorescent light-lit fields of their corporate donor overlords’ warehouses.

The nice thing is that the leak indicates that they are despairing of Trump rolling over like they hoped and decided to blow it all up and hope he’d get the blame. Oh well.

After the big meeting, conservatives fretted that Trump seemed inclined to give away the store. He could have been folding, but then everything we learned about Trump over the last couple years indicates that he is no dummy – regardless of what his enemies fervently wish. It’s more likely that he understands the key consideration very, very clearly.

If Trump rolls on amnesty – that is, if he makes a DACA deal that doesn’t buy us real reforms today and not one of those “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday” scams where Tuesday never comes – then we dump him.

We’re gone, Mr. President. Nothing personal, but if you shaft us like everyone else has shafted us, we walk. And your enemies will have beaten you – the same ones who stuck you in the back when they broke the confidence of your private meeting.

Now it looks like a DACA surrender is unlikely, especially in light of the feces-pit furor. Good. Maybe the Nice Trump at the meeting was a negotiation ploy. There’s a technique in negotiations where you wave the other side’s objective right in front of them, let them smell it, feel it just within their grasp, and when you get them so invested in the idea that it is about to be theirs, you snatch it back and lay your demands on them in the hopes they’ll feel they’re so close to success that they have to give in.

Or maybe Dreamer-hugger Trump was playing the good cop while Stephen Miller, who is infuriating the surrender caucus by being the proverbial monkey in the wrench, was being the bad cop. It could be a giant mind game with the mindless drones of the legislature.

Maybe. But it’s a dangerous game.

Outsourcing so much of the negotiations and details to the simpering wusses of the GOP House and Senate, who are yearning for some way to do exactly the opposite of what their voters elected them to do, was always risky. Sailor Suit Lindsey Graham and his pals came up with a plan that Trump rejected with the dung-depths comments. If they want a deal, they better come up with a solid bill where Trump gets some trophies. But at the end of the day, Trump gets to either sign on the line that is dotted, or not. And if a bunch of people who shouldn’t be here anyway don’t get to stay here, oh well.

“That would be too darn bad,” the conservatives would say, laughing hysterically.

In case you’re wondering, here’s my deal: Go home.

This leak-fueled bogus scandal over Trump accurately assessing the relative quality of different nations is an important reminder for the president that the people across the table (including some GOP types) are not his friends. They don’t wish him well. They do not want him to succeed. They desperately want him to blow this negotiation, to give them the zillions of new Democrat voters and to mortify his base of support. They want a win-win for them, and a lose-lose for the president.

Don’t be a lose-loser, Mr. President.

Don’t fall for the Nancy Pelosi football scam.

If Trump sells us out, will the media suddenly reward him with positive coverage, like they did for a few hours after the big meeting? Get real. If he signs a bill giving amnesty in exchange for some bull-hole promise of border security down the road, the first thing the media will do is find his outraged supporters. The second thing it will do is find some other outrage du jour and pump that wall-to-wall.

Trump said this.

Trump said that.

Trump puts ketchup on his steak. Oh wait, that actually was one of 2017’s EVERYTHING IS THE WORST THING EVER spasms.

It’s time for some truth, and Trump spoke it. I hope his failure to speak it at that public immigration meeting was a calculated one. “Dreamers.” Yeah, because all illegal aliens are dreaming of being hard-working, productive Americans. Except the problem is some dream of raping and murdering their hosts. Some dream of getting hole-faced and driving drunk. Some dream of living off the government with a lifestyle they couldn’t attain working back in the old homeland hole.

Some, not all. Some. And “some” is too damn many if you end up burying your little girl.

How about Normals here in America who are dreaming of an elite that will put their interests ahead of those of foreigners?

The Fredocon whiners contend we must hide the ugly truth behind soggy clichés about how hard-working immigrants who are always inevitably every single time hard-working assets to America no matter who they are. But here’s the thing – at best, guy who grew up in a place that left him uneducated and without skills comes to America and he takes that entry level job from an American. So what do we say to that American?

“Sorry, you’re racist for wanting a job.”

We aren’t supposed to tell the truth about the fact that some immigrants add no value to our country, and that some are actively bad. We also aren’t supposed to tell the truth about the fact that some countries are better than others. We aren’t supposed to have any say at all.

Immigration must serve our interests, the interests of Normal Americans, not the interests of Democrat pols who want more pliable voters. Not the interests of corporate hacks who want hordes of uncomplaining serfs. And not the interests of these foreigners. Good luck to them, but their countries are their problem, and we are not the solution.

Immigration must stop benefiting everyone but us Normal Americans.

And for that to happen, the lies have to stop. The deceit has to end. We need to call things by their true names. And sometimes, their true names aren’t nice.

Stay honest, Mr. President. Stay firm. Don’t get suckered. Keep your promises to the people who elected you. And keep telling the truth.

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