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The stakes are monumental.

Do Americans have a right to keep and bear arms?

Can the government prosecute someone for criticizing Hillary Clinton?

Are we going to watch our country go into convulsions?


The death of Justice Antonin Scalia has brought into harsh focus what we all knew were the stakes in this election – the composition of the Supreme Court, the final obstacle to complete progressive control.  But we put that aside as we watched, and sometimes even enjoyed, the antics of Donald Trump.  We’ve also tolerated the sad decline of Dr. Ben Carson from forthright hero to whiny, unready also-ran, the bizarre rush to the left of John Kasich, and the entitlement ego trip that is the quixotic crusade of Jeb Bush.

The nonsense needs to end.  This just got real.

The next president will appoint Justice Scalia’s replacement, and thereby determine whether the Supreme Court will remain a bulwark of liberty or a tool of liberal fascism – that is, assuming that sad sack Mitch McConnell stays sacked up and refuses to allow a vote on whatever token commie Obama decides to nominate.  

Of course, if (when) McConnell sells out conservatives again to preserve the ridiculous prerogatives of his beloved debating society and lets Obama’s pick get a vote, it’s over.  Sanctimonious little GOP trolls like the repellant Lindsey Graham will eagerly confirm whichever Che-loving creep President Fail sends up the Hill.  And the GOP will be broken for good as we conservatives depart in disgust, half voting for Trump and ensuring his nomination and half simply checking out.  Either way, that’s likely to mean a Democrat president, a Democrat Senate, a Democrat Supreme Court, and an inevitable rebellion (maybe merely political, maybe much worse) against the socialist blueprint liberals will attempt to impose upon a country left undefended by the Constitution progressives hate and will never enforce.


No more games, no more clowning around.  There’s no question Cruz and Rubio will nominate real conservatives.  But The Donald?  Donald Trump’s frivolous speculation about appointing his ultra-liberal federal judge sister to the Supreme Court was vaguely amusing when it was just a hypothetical; now we need real answers.  We need the names of the real, committed conservatives he would appoint to replace Justice Scalia.  “I’ll find the best people, brilliant people, fabulous people” won’t cut it.  Who, Donald?  

Let me help: How about Justice Don Willett from Texas?  How about Professor Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit?  How about Ted Cruz?  You can get points for diversity by nominating a Canadian.

Donald Trump needs to get serious, and not just about his stupid neo-Trutherism, but he has earned the right to remain in the race.  I don’t support him (though I would vote for him in the general against one of those socialist monsters) but he’s a viable candidate with a path to nomination.  Yet there are others who aren’t and who are interfering with the critical decision that GOP voters need to make in light of Justice Scalia’s sad passing.  If you aren’t a real candidate, you need to get out.


There are three candidates.  Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio.  No one else has a path to the nomination.  The rest are in the way.

Dr. Carson, you are a good guy who has zero chance of winning the nomination.  Zero.  You are locking up a set of votes that need to gravitate to the three real candidates.  Your campaign’s chaos and your regrettable whimpering over Ted Cruz’s tactics is driving down your stock.  You need to depart with honor and respect, and not become a punchline.

John Kasich, you did well in New Hampshire, and as goes New Hampshire goes so goes absolutely nowhere else.  You’ve made your point about why the nominee should consider you for the veep slot.  Time to walk away.

And Jeb.  Time to choose, Jeb.  Your dad was a patriot.  Your brother was a patriot.  Are you a patriot?  If Trump is so awful that you are compelled to put up vaguely critical billboards about him, then you need to sacrifice yourself and get out of the race so someone else can beat him.  Your super PAC is now simply doing Hillary’s dirty work in damaging your opponents and for what?  Your petulant insistence that it’s your turn, damnit?  You’re done.  Your continued presence does nothing but help our enemies.  Time to choose between self-sacrifice and selfishness.  Ironically, the only way you can show us that you are worthy of the presidency is to decline to seek it.


This is truly it, conservatives.  The Democrats would disarm and gag us and set the Constitution on fire.  There is a very real chance that their campaign to crush normal Americans into submission would rip the country apart.  Literally.  

Those are the stakes.  They could not be higher.  It’s time to can the comedy and get serious. 

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